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How to increase productivity by using dual monitors

This article is on how you can increase productivity in your workplace by using dual monitors.A few years ago, Jon Peddie Research did a study on productivity and dual monitors.Their results demonstrate that adding another monitor to your workstation-putting the two side by side and synchronizing them-actually increases your productivity a whopping 20 percent to 30 percent.Now tell me, honestly, that that bit of information does not make you excited.

There are a number of benefits to using dual monitors to increase your productivity.For example, you can run two programs simultaneously.You will not have to minimize anything to see another program, you won't have to juggle all of the different minimizing and maximizing or trying to make two programs fit into a screen by making their field of view smaller-small enough that you end up not being able to see anything.You might not realize it, but all of that toggling between programs actually wastes a ton of time.It leads to frustration, and it means that you just are not as productive because you do not have all of the information that you need right in front of you when you need it.
No matter what programs you are using, whether you mainly just use different spreadsheets and accounting programs, whether you deal with a lot of graphics, whether or not you deal with animation, if you spend a lot of time on the web running a web based business or writing blogs or newsletters for your business, you will benefit from having a larger, high resolution, LCD display.And let's be sensible about this.The more that you are able to see, the more productive you will be.If you don't have to squint to see information, if you don't have to move back and forth between programs trying to remember information so that you can input it into another program, the more productive you are.The more that you don't have to try to copy and paste or import (usually unsuccessfully) data from one application to another, the more efficient and productive you will be.If you are involved in financial trading, managing large projects, editing any kind of multi media, graphic design, or even different educational situations, you need a nice, large, clear, LCD flat screen dual screen monitor system.
Now, technically you can actually use any monitors that you already have for a dual monitor display.All that you have to do is plug two into the same graphics board.This means that you don't have to have two monitors that are the same model, manufacturer, year, whatever.Of course, you might be bothered by the dissimilarities in color quality, display quality, resolution differences, speed, and other things, so you might want to consider simply purchasing a dual monitor, or purchasing two 19 inch LCD monitors, which are now a great deal in terms of quality and price.If you don't have a graphics board that is specially designed to handle two monitors, you will have to purchase a two monitor graphics board, such as the Matrox G-400 which works for both Windows 98 and 2000.There are a number of high quality dual monitor systems that are out there, however, which might be more to your liking.But if you like the idea of being able to have your phone contacts continually open on one page with your excel spreadsheet open on the other so that you can easily talk to people and give them important data, or if you are a graphic designer and you enjoy the idea of being able to see the entirety of your project across two screens as you are working on it so that you can get the best picture and resolution possible, or if you are a teacher and you want to be able to better design lessons for your class and keep track of their progress by having several programs open at once, then a dual monitor is for you.If you're not interested in increased productivity, of course, you can just stay with your single screen and let your competition leave you in the dust.

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