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How to manage a team


If you are the supervisor or manager at your place of business, you are already managing a team. In order to be a good supervisor you are going to need to have strong leadership skills, but you also have to be able to coordinate other people's abilities so that everything works out for the best. One of the best ways to manage your employees is to know about the skills and temperament of all of your team members. By knowing everything that you can, including strengths and weaknesses, of team members you will be able to effectively assign people to different jobs because you will know who is right for each job and who is not.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind to help manage a team in the workplace.

Tip one:

If you are not the owner or even the head manager of the business, you will need to take the time to figure out what goals and expectations the business owner or head managers have for your team. You will also want to make sure that you understand what those goals and expectations are, if you do not understand them or what is being asked of you, your team will be clueless. It is up to you as the team manager to explain to your team what is being required of them. You will want to talk to them about their roles, what responsibilities they have, and what deadlines you will have to meet as a team.

Tip two:

If you have to reprimand a member of your team or even correct how they are doing something, you do not want to do it in front of the other team members. Instead, what you want to do is pull them aside after work or on a break and talk to them about what is going on. If you reprimand or correct them in front of the other team members, it can damage their self-esteem. It can also cause them to feel embarrassed on front of the rest of the team, which will destroy the team feeling.

Tip three:

Motivate your team with praise as much as possible. People enjoy being told when they are doing a great job or that they are working hard. By acknowledging your team's efforts, you will help keep them motivated and feeling good about themselves. The more motivated your team is the more productive they will be.

Tip four:

Whenever you are talking to your team members, whether it is to correct them or praise them for something they are doing, you want to treat them with respect and be polite. By being polite and respectful, you will be sending your team members the message that you care about them as a person and value their input, which helps the team to work together smoothly. You also need to make sure that you are friendly and approachable to them. This is important so that if problems or concerns come up while working together your team members know you will be willing to listen to what is going on and will do what you can to solve the problem. Remember your team members have a life outside of work, so you want to do what you can to try to accommodate their commitments to family and friends.

Tip five:

If there are any problems or changes that are going on with the team, you want to handle them as effectively as possible. Talk to the other members of your team and get their feedback bout what they think should be done to handle the situation. When making your final decision incorporates their suggestions into how you have handled the problem, if their suggestions will work. By encouraging them to voice their opinions, you are helping them to see that they have value in the workplace.

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