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How to manage people better

groupofcoworkers32012584.jpgBusiness management involves a number of different traits and roles. As a manager, you need to learn how to deal with several different personalities and find a way to blend them together to create a productive work environment. Learning to manage people is a hard job; we have created some simple suggestions that will help you learn how to manage people.

Hire the right people
Managing people is hard, but it only gets worse if you don't hire the right people to begin with. Since you are in charge of picking all the people around you, it is important to have a tough screening process so you can weed out all of the people that aren't going to work out for your company

Words of encouragement

If you would like to have your employees look up to you and respect you, you must find ways to offer them words of encouragement. Find time to stop by their desk and tell them they are doing a good job. It is one of the easiest ways to show them that you are watching them and you do notice the hard work that they do on a day-to-day basis.

Find ways to motivate your employees
As a manager, you need to be in charge of setting goals for your employees and to find different ways to motivate them. Involve them in the goal setting process so that they know what your expectations are for them and they can look for ways to meet those expectations. There will be times when it is difficult for your employees to find the motivation they need to work hard. The think that can be frustrating with employees is that one day they will walk in and they will be completely motivated to impress you. The next day they might walk in and they really won't care about working on their job. To help motivate your employees, talk to them individually and try to find out what they want so you can look for ways to give them what they want if they do the hard work for you.

Build a team
A simple and wonderful way to manage people is to try and build a team. While you may succeed on helping individuals work hard on their own, you need to look for ways to help them work hard together. Team building activities are a great way to help people come together and to improve their skills as a unit instead of as individuals. Team building activities are one of the best ways to bring individuals together as a unit.

Learn to lead
In order to become a great manager, you need to learn how to lead people. Why do people want to follow you and listen to your ideas? While you may be able to surround yourself with the best employees in the industry, it will not get you very far if you cannot motivate them and learn from you and their co-workers. A leader must be able to help people see their vision and where it will take them into the future.

The best quality a great manager can have is to learn how to communicate. You need to learn how to listen to your employees by removing all the distractions while they are talking. You also need to talk them openly and be frank when you give them assignments so that there is no room for miscommunication. Your employees will not be able to help you if you don't take the time to communicate to them and give them a clear vision of what you want.

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