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How to manage the impact and use of information technology

To help you make the best use of knowledge, information technology offers some powerful tools. You need to select a system that fit's the needs of your business and one that will help to improve it. Many systems can be complex and difficult to set up, they can also be time consuming to maintain. You need to choose a system that will be an asset and not a burden to your business. It may be helpful to consult an IT specialist.

There are several types of information technology:

  • Databases organize information, which makes it easy to access, manage and update.
  • A data warehouse is a central storage area. If you have a variety of business systems you might want to use a data warehouse or if you have a range of information in different digital formats. Many business's that sell online use digital asset management to store, manage and retrieve information. You may want to speak to an IT specialist because this is a complex area technically and in task management.
  • Data mining is a process that collects all the data, which is sorted to determine patterns. This process may be helpful when trying to decide which products are most popular and whether one type of customer is more apt to buy a particular item.
  • Reporting and querying tools allows you to create reports interpreting data in a certain way.
  • Business intelligence portals are websites that offer all sorts of useful information, such as legal issues or details of a new research project.
  • The Internet and search engines- These can be very powerful sources of information. However, be sure to check the credibility of the information source to ensure that the information is accurate and correct.
  • An Intranet is a secure internal network. This network is for the sole use of your business.
  • An extranet can be extended to customers and suppliers, and quite similar to an Intranet.
  • Customer relationship management software can help you to build up a profile of your customer database. This software also enables you to target customers through mail, telephone or postal marketing campaigns.
  • Call-center systems enable business's that sell by telephone to serve large numbers of customers.
  • Website log-file analysis can help you to analyze how customers are using your website.
This can help you to improve its effectiveness.

In your business, useful and important knowledge already exists. Your business does not need to think up clever new products and services or ingenious new methods of selling them to use the knowledge that already exists in your business. This knowledge exists in a variety of different ways such as:

  • the experiences, training and education of your employees.

  • the processes, along with the designs for your services and goods.

  • your files of documents, held digitally, on paper, or a combination of both.

  • your ideas for new products or services.

Harnessing this knowledge productively is the challenge. Your business' knowledge base can be your understanding of what your customers want, along with the employee know how. You will need to take a strategic approach to get the most from your business' existing knowledge. If your business objective is to be more effective, it is vital that your senior managers are committed to it and have a clear understanding of the benefits it may bring. Encourage them to discuss and brainstorm the best methods of collecting and using knowledge. Make sure to identify the value of knowledge to your business. Take a look at how effective your business currently is at using its knowledge. If there is a more effective method, take action to implement this method into your business procedures.

As we have seen the rapid d... (Below threshold)

As we have seen the rapid developments through information technology, let us just enjoy the benefits that we have and utilize it in a good way.

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