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How to monitor the level of service given by your tech support

Tech support plays a vital role in many companies.Some minor technical problems could cause an entire company to stall because no one is able to fix the problem.However, sometimes it feels like the tech support spends more time playing solitaire than actually fixing technical problems.This can be frustrating because tech support isn't directly making a profit for the company.Here are a few tips on how to monitor the level of service given by tech support.

Create a Monitoring System

The best way to monitor the level of service given by the tech support division is to set up a monitoring system.This can be tricky to do because so many different elements affect the level of service given by tech support.Some companies have created methods that monitor telephone use.For example, a company may monitor how many calls that tech support receives or how long each phone call lasts.The problem with this method is that some problems take longer than others to resolve.Also, a company my inadvertently encourage poor service by expecting phone calls to only last a certain amount of time.

Most mechanical solutions, like the one previously given, are not accurate methods of monitoring tech support.However, some companies have moved toward a customer based evaluation of tech support.This monitoring system requires that a short survey be emailed to each person who receives help from tech support.This type of monitoring will allow a company to see how effective and helpful tech support was in finding a solution to the problem.Companies would then be monitoring the level of service instead of simply the quantity of work being given to the tech support.

However, companies could still have tech support keep a log of different jobs that they have done in order to help companies monitor both quantity of work and the level of service given.Companies should always find a way to balance their monitoring system so that they do not convey the message that tech support is not needed.

Hire Qualified Tech Support

One way to ensure that tech support is giving a high level of service is to hire techs that have experience working with the company's specific network, software, and size.If a tech is fresh out of school, chances are they will not be qualified to manage an entire network for a large corporation.A tech that has been working for a large corporation that uses one type of software may not be the best option for a small company using different software.By hiring techs that are familiar with the company's specific technology will ensure that time is not wasted as inexperienced techs scramble to figure out the new system or network.

Monitoring the level of service given by tech support is essential to ensuring that a company maximizes its resources and still keeps their networks and computer systems running smoothly.Many different methods can be employed to accomplish this, but companies should consider a method that examines all of the different elements that go into tech support in order to get an accurate assessment of their effectiveness.Also, companies should prevent any extra problems by hiring techs that are familiar with software and network of a given company.Following these few tips

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