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How to reduce cooling cost using air curtains

As a business manager you are very much aware of the costs of operating a business.You know that more than supplies and products need to be paid for.You have to lease a property, maintain it, pay the utilities, etc.You are probably anxious to find any way to save some money.That is why you should look into reducing your cooling (and heating) costs using air curtains.

In the summer many businesses turn the thermostat way down, lower than the average home in fact.Perhaps it is because you will not be able to keep customers in your building if they are uncomfortable with the temperature.Air curtains are designed to prevent the loss of cooled air block the entry of hot air when a door is opened and closed.Air curtains also prevent the entry of outside contaminants such as dust and insects.This feature can be invaluable for any customers or employees with sensitivity to these contaminants.

Cooling costs are reduced when you use air curtains because the air curtain is preventing as much warm air from entering through the doorway.The temperature in the room stays closer to the desired temperature and the air conditioner does not need to turn on as often or run for as long.Reducing the energy needed by the air conditioning unit will save your business from spending as much money on cooling costs.

Air curtains are placed above the doorway, usually the main door that people enter or exit most.Air curtains come in many different brands and models.Here are a few examples:

Size - most air curtains are designed to fit above eight foot doorways.However, many companies have created models that can fit in smaller or larger gaps between the ceiling and the door frame.Also, air curtain length can vary.Some air curtains need only to be a little shorter than the width of the doorway.Other companies find that extra long air curtains, or several air curtains in a row, over the opening of several side-by-side doorways makes for more efficient use.

Design - Although many air curtains are rarely even noticed unless you are looking for them, you can order an air curtain in almost any color you desire.Several different companies advertise multiple color and design options.An air curtain does not have to be an eye-sore.

Strength/Reach - You can buy an air curtain with the kind of strength that fits your company's needs.For example, air curtains are made for walk-in freezer cases.These air curtains must work harder to keep the warm air out of the cooler because of the drastic temperature difference.Also, some air curtains come with a more industrial type of filter.Businesses that work in dusty or bug infested areas look for air curtains that can filter such contaminants.

Not only can you save yourself some money by using air curtains to reduce cooling costs, but you can make your business more inviting as well.Aside from the obvious benefits of having a temperature controlled building, the air curtains aloe front doors to remain open.You may have noticed that many businesses keep their doors propped open to make their businesses more inviting.With an air curtain leaving your door open is not a problem.The air curtain re-directs the warm air away from the entrance.So as you consider purchasing air curtains for your business keep in mind all of the options and added cost saving benefits that air curtains provide.You will be able to reduce your cooling costs while making your place of business a more comfortable place to be.

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