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How to troubleshoot common problems

Windows Vista delivers the next stage in the operating system evolution. When integrating the Windows Vista-based computers into a network or establishing an Internet connection, this operating system does not always go as planned. Here is some of the common problems associated with Windows Vista and how to resolve these issues.

  1. You have just installed Windows Vista on your computer and you can no longer get Internet access or the network. When you were running Windows XP everything as far as networking is concerned, might have been running smoothly but now that Windows Vista has been installed things are not so smooth. Be sure Windows Vista is the only thing causing issues, make sure that all the right drives have been deployedand that your service has not been canceled by your Internet service provider. If Windows Vista is the problem, you are in luck because Vista comes with a set of new network diagnostic tools built in. The Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) is the most relevant and quickest way to establish the connectivity status. The old network connection icon in Windows XP could only be added to the system tray. The NCSI has replaced the network connection icon used with Window XP. The NCSI icon is able to display four different connectivity access levels. The NCSI icon delivers four representations according to the status of all connections: Local and Internet, Local Only, Limited and No Connectivity. This is important to know because it is part of Microsoft's efforts to enable Windows Vista users to correctly access the nature of a network problem. The first thing to do is right click the Network Connectivity Status Indicator when dealing with network problems. This will bring up a contextual menu. This menu can be used to connect to wireless, dial-up and virtual private network (VPN) network, open the Network and Sharing center, switch on or off activity animation and turn off notification of new networks. But right now this menu can access the diagnosis and repair the problem. Using this menuopen Windows Network Diagnostics, which is a tool that is designed to analyze network problems and provide a resolution.

    When network connectivity is nonexistent, Vista will give you a Network Error dialog box which is designed to deliver information related to the general problem but will also provide you with a shortcut to diagnose and fix the problem. Windows Vista Network and Sharing Center will centralize all network connectivity issues and problems and will also help you to resolve them. One of the most important processes in troubleshooting connectivity problems with Windows Vista is "reboot". When troubleshooting Vista connectivity issues, keep in mind one reboot may not be enough, under certain circumstances. Try up to five restarts, followed each time by the automated actions proposed by the Network and Sharing Center. If the problem is not resolved, you will need to try alternative troubleshooting methods. If Windows Vista can automatically resolve the problem, it will. Before turning to Microsoft Support, the operating system will present several scenarios and options to fix problems and issues, users should go through them and then if the problem is not resolved contact Microsoft Support.

  2. Microsoft has provided Windows Vista users with the Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool. This tool checks your Internet router to see if it supports certain technologies. This tool can be used on a PC running either the Window Vista or Windows XP operation system. When running Windows Vista, this tool can verify whether your existing Internet router supports advanced features, such as improved download speeds and face-to-face collaboration using Windows Meeting Space.

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