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How to use MySpace for business:

The MySpace site is growing more and more in popularity. It has reached the top ten list as one of the most popular internet sites in the entire world. Reported thousands sign up per day. Rumor has it that it has already reached more than one million users. With all these people using MySpace, business are starting to wonder if using MySpace for their business isn't a good idea. There are a few things involved in the process of using MySpace for business. They are the following:

1st: Consider your audience. A majority of the MySpace users are probably teenagers and young adults. If your business caters to the wants of these young users it would be a great tool for you to have your own business MySpace account. There would thousands of teenagers that you could reach through MySpace if you were to set up an account. If, on the other hand, your business is directed more towards adults and the older generation, MySpace may not be the most useful tool for you. For example, if you are selling medication for women going through menopause you may have a hard time reaching interested customers amongst the thousands of young women on MySpace who still have many years to go before they reach the menopause stage.

2nd: Set up your own MySpace account. This account should not, by any means, be your company's main web page. It would be a great link to include on your company's home web page, but should not be a main source for people to go. Setting up an account should not take long.

3rd: Make your page attractive. The next step would be to design your page in such a way that people are "drawn" to it. Just as you would with any advertisement placed on a billboard, an internet ad, etc. Set it up so that it appeals to your audience. Research what types of things your audience love most and include those in different parts of your MySpace page. Make it fun for them to visit. You will not always find a customer in someone that first time they visit your page. But if they enjoy visiting your page they will most likely come back to it. That is when you will start to get customers.

4th: Make links to your MySpace account on other company websites. If you are a company that caters to the younger generation you will probably have a lot of young users exploring your company web pages. These users are probably also very likely to have a MySpace account. If they see a link to your business MySpace they may add you to their friends list. When they do that they are putting your company name out where anyone of their friends or others who visit their MySpace page will see it. Their friends are bound to be a lot like them and as a result, bound to also be interested in your page.

5th: Keep up with your account through conversations and other features. The MySpace account can be a great way to communicate with your users. They may post comments and such on your page. You can then read these and respond directly to them. If you set up an account you will want to be sure to stay on top of these conversations as well as be sure that you are always keeping your page attractive and fun for viewers to come and see. MySpace can be a great tool if your company centers on the correct audience and if you cater to that audience and make them want to come to your site.

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