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Improving your MySpace layouts

So you have created a MySpace profile for your company, but upon looking at it you are not very impressed. The good news is there is no need to worry, there are plenty of ways to improve your layout and most of them will cost you nothing but time. With how many companies are using MySpace as a form of advertising you really need to make your profile unique and interesting so people will take the time to look at it.

In improving your MySpace layout you can pay a company to create a unique layout specifically designed for your company, you can have your IT department do it, you can have your advertising department design something, or you can simply do it yourself. There is a huge number of websites that offer free MySpace layouts; all you have to do is pick the one that works best for you and being creating.

Tip one:
Keep it interesting. Fill your site with fun and interesting facts about your business. You can go into the history of your company, why it was created, what it has to offer, and you can add customer reviews.

Tip two:
Change the layout. You can add your company logo, pictures of company events, pictures of your products, or you can choose images from a variety of different websites. What you want to do is make your layout stand out, by offering pictures of your employees at work related events makes your MySpace seem a bit more personal, how often do we get caught doing embarrassing things at company parties. Having these pictures is also a great idea if you are using MySpace to make job offers. They show your potential employees how much fun they can have working for your company.

Tip three:
Add color. When adding color you do not want to combine colors that are going to be hard to read, this not only stops people from looking at your profile, but it is also unprofessional. If your customers can not read your profile how are they going to find out what kind of products or services you are offering or better yet if they are interested in what you have to offer. Keep the color combination to light on dark or dark on light.

Tip four:
Add surveys or polls. By adding surveys and pools you get a custom look and your potential customers can interact with your company and give their opinions. People love to fill out surveys because they like to tell people how they feel. Same thing goes with polls. Most people like to vote; after all it only takes one click of the mouse. When adding polls one thing to keep in mind is to use a real time poll that displays how the results currently stand. These polls and surveys can also be found for free on the internet.

Tip five:
Add music. Think of this music as hold music, you offer your customers music when they are placed on hold so why not when they are looking at your site. When picking music choose something appropriate. But make sure that it is something that fits with your company, and also is geared towards your customers. For example if you are trying to attract an older clientele do not choose heavy metal instead pick soft rock or even classical.

Tip six:
Keep your page updated. People will grow tired of reading the same stuff over and over again so you want to add or change your information every couple of months. Some things such as the name of your company and your contact information you will not want to change. But you can change the color combinations, background picture, any photos you have, etc. Your goal here is to attract more customers and bring back the old ones. By giving them new information such as: new services or products that you offer or improvements that you have made to your company in the last few months, your customers will come back to see what is new.

Tip seven:
Do a feature on a single product or service. You can do this daily, weekly or monthly, but this will give your profile a themed layout, everything on the layout can revolve around the item that is being featured. Also this will make your page easier to change. Each time you want to feature a new product all you have to do is use the same general layout and make a few minor adjustments.

There are many ways to improve your MySpace layout, but you still want to remain professional. Customers are attracted to neat and professional appearances it gives them a sense that they are going to be treated with respect.

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