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Introducing humor into the workplace

busfriends30396999-1.jpgManagers have to fill so many roles that it can be challenging for them to forget themselves sometimes and remember to be a human. Humor is an important part of the workplace and you need to be able to laugh with your employees once and awhile to break the tension in the office and gain your employees trust.

Why do I need humor at work?
Statistically we will spend more time at the office than we do with our own families. The people you work with will become your family and you need to relax and have fun with them once and awhile. When you introduce humor into the workplace, you will be able to show your employees that you are an approachable person and it will be easier for them to come to you with problems and concerns.

How can I introduce humor?
The thing you need to understand with humor is that you cannot force it. Sure you can tell a dry joke here and there, but it's not going to do much to your employees besides let them know that you are trying. Just be yourself and let the humor some to you as it wants to come instead of trying to be something you are not.

Take your employees out to lunch or head out for a day off work and just relax with your employees. You should take them to the golf course or go bowling. Taking your employees out of the office and getting them into a relaxing environment will allow you to let your guard down a little bit and you and your employees will be able to get to know one another better. Becoming friends with your employees is a great way to build stronger relationships and build an office based on trust and respect.

Humor softens the blow
When you are having a bad day, humor can be one of the best medicines. Humor may be the best therapy you have because it will allow you to release the tension you may be feeling and you won't be quite as short and rude to your employees. Take notice of your employees that may be having a bad day and smile and laugh with them to help them feel comfortable and lighten their mood.

Humor opens communication
As you make time to laugh and joke with your staff, people will be inclined to come and talk to you. They will have a desire to be around you as you are a lot of fun to be around and to learn from. Humor allows you to learn how to adapt to different personalities and this can help you get along with others. As you learn how to become approachable, your employees will learn how to trust and respect you.

The great thing about humor is that it is the best icebreaker out there. You never know how tense a situation may be in the office and having a small joke to crack will quickly help you and your employees laugh about it and move forward with new attitudes.

Remove stress
Deadlines and strict work policies can lead to stress and it can quickly cause your employees to lose their motivation. When stress is present, employees are often short with one another and they often work as individuals instead of as a team. Quite often it can become overwhelming and it can even destroy a person if they are not careful. Laughter is one of the best ways to remove stress and to calm the nervous system. If you notice one of your employees is looking stressed out, head into their office or stop by their desk to crack a quick joke.

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