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Is conflict management the same thing as conflict resolution?

concernedman19185284.jpgWhen running an organization one thing that you are going to be faced with is conflict. Conflict is a normal part of running a business because not everybody is going to get along, nor will they always see eye to eye, on how the business is being run or on what management decides to do. When faced with conflict the best thing that you can do is handle the conflict as quickly as possible, you do not want to ignore the problem because ignoring it just makes things worse.

When dealing with conflicts in the workplace you have the option of using conflict management or using conflict resolution. One mistake that many people make is thinking that conflict management and conflict resolution is the same thing. Conflict management is not the same thing as conflict resolution, although they both have the same main goal. The main goal with conflict management and conflict resolution is to deal with the conflict at hand as quickly as possible so that more problems are not created. Not to mention that the faster the business deals with the conflicts the better off the business is because conflicts affect the businesses performance.

Conflict management refers to managing conflicts that are not easily controlled. Conflict management also refers to the long-term management of these types of conflicts. What conflict management refers to is the different ways that people handletheir problems, basically how they stand up for things that they consider to be right, and how they stand up against things that they consider to be wrong. The methods of conflict management include lynching, law, avoidance, mediation, ridicule, and many others. The form of conflict management that is going to be used to handle the conflict at hand is going o depend on what society dictates. For example, lynching used to be an appropriate method of conflict management, but today's society does not tolerate that type of behavior, instead we learn more towards the law.

Conflict resolution on the other hand refers to the methods that you can use to eliminate or alleviate any sources of conflict. Unlike conflict management, conflict resolution does not include the process of people standing up for what they believe in or the methods that are used to handle the conflict. Conflict resolution focuses on using a specific process to identify and solve the conflict at hand. The most common types of methods used in conflict resolution are mediation and arbitration, but you can also use diplomacy and litigation to formally resolve a conflict.

Something else to keep in mind with conflict management and conflict resolution is that conflict resolution is designed to get rid of the conflict as quickly as possible. How conflict resolution does that is the parties involved in the conflict sit down, talk about the problem, and come up with ways to solve he conflict for good, which is known as mediation. If meditation doesn't work then arbitration is used, which is where a neutral third party listens to both sides of the story and issues a decision on how the conflict is going to be resolved. Conflict management is used to handle long-term conflicts that cannot be solved through conflict resolution, such as long term counseling.

While some people us the terms conflict management and conflict resolution interchangeably, they are two very different terms. The next time you are faced with a conflict in the workplace you will want to look at the type of conflict and then determine if it will be best handled by conflict management or conflict resolution.

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