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Keeping top employees happy so they do not leave

As an employer, you know how difficult it can be to find good employees. It often seems impossible but after hours and hours of sorting through resumes and several days filled with interviews, you have found several people to employ with your company. Just because you have found and hired some good people to work for your company does not mean you have nothing to worry about. Now you need to focus on keeping good employees happy so they do not quit working for your company.

Having a team of employees that are productive, efficient, hard working people that work well together can sometimes take years to establish. Having this type of staff is an employer's dream. Over the years you will see a number of employee's come and go. Some that leave will be missed, some won't. It is the ones that will be missed you want to try and keep because losing even one good employee is a set back to establishing your dream team.

Keeping good employees is not a difficult thing to do. You do not have to rub their feet or roll out the red carpet for them. To keep good employees, start by offering them competitive and fair wages for the type of work they perform. Don't forget a good-great benefit package as well. A great benefit package and competitive salary are probably what attracted them to your company and some people may stay because of this but many will not.

You must provide your employees with a positive work environment. An environment that is open and friendly where they enjoy working. Employees that feel comfortable about offering their ideas and suggestions, without ridicule or a negative response will spark creativity and will encourage them to contribute more. Make sure your employees know that he/she is making a positive contribution to the company. Acknowledge a job well done by simply telling the employee. Develop an incentive or reward system, if possible, to show your appreciation for employees that go the extra mile.

Encourage your employees to grow and develop. Offer classes and other types of training to help develop their skills and talents. Encourage the positive aspects and help them eliminate their weaker traits. Allow employees to learn from their mistakes and errors. Instead of just pointing out the error, offer advice and suggestions so they can avoid making another. If you make a mistake, admit it. Don't try to blame others or ignore the situation.

Practice communicating openly with your employees. Listen to their ideas, suggestions and feedback. If they have a work related problem be approachable. Let them know they can come to you with an issue and that you will do your best to help them.

Allow your employees to explore different areas of your company. Don't force them into just one specific type of work, especially if they express desire to try other things. This opportunity gives them new knowledge, skills and a new experience. It is also positive for the company as well, because you now have an employee that can work in different areas of the company. Take advantage of the multiple skills your people can learn within the company. It will give them more feeling of purpose and at the same time benefit the company as well.

When you offer employees a competitive salary and benefit package, along with a positive work environment and open communication, you are showing them respect. When a company is loyal and dedicated to it's employees, the employees are just as dedicated and loyal in return. They will work hard and be a positive contribution to the company, if they feel the company works hard for them.

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