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Key success factors for a manager

For many managers, they are looking for ways to be the best manager the company has ever seen! This is not only a lofty goal, but a great challenge. Think back to some of your first managers you had as an employee and pick out qualities that you liked and disliked. How can you find ways to be a successful manager? Here are a few tips for becoming a successful manager:

Establishing trust is one of the most difficult things a manager faces. Trust involves feeling that you can depend upon another person to achieve a common goal.

People will know they can rely on you if you show qualities of integrity and consistency. So how to you build this trust? Start by listening. Bring each member of your staff into your office and talk about their needs and concerns and what they think you can do to improve the office environment. Give each employee your full attention and make an effort to get to know them.

Empathy is another big factor in establishing trust. It puts you and your employee on the same "playing field" and you work together to resolve a situation. This goes along with listening. Without showing empathy, people will look at you as a "cold hearted" individual who only cares about the money, not the people.

Have A Plan
Once you have established the trust of your employees, you need to give them a reason to follow you. Leadership skills are not obtained overnight and require a lot of effort on your part.

Start by developing a business plan for the future and make your staff excited about jumping on board to achieve the goals. Show your employees how you are going to achieve financial success. Discuss how you will take steps to improve quality, productivity, innovation, and revenue. Talk to your staff about how you plan to lighten the load in certain areas that may be overwhelmed.

Have a good attitude
Don't come to work with personal baggage. If you had a bad night, the workplace is the last place to talk about it. Yes, you want to have a good relationship with your employees but they don't need to know about your personal problems. Come to work with a happy, positive attitude. It will radiate to your employees and everyone will work in a comfortable environment. A good manager recognizes that people don't want to work for someone with a sour attitude.

A good manager can admit their mistakes. If you have tried something and it failed, learn from it. Admit that you made a mistake; pinpoint that mistake and move forward. A good manager challenges their staff to learn with them. It shows equality among everyone since you are all on the same level. Everyone respects a leader who isn't perfect.

Many people complain they are overworked in their job and do not have time to relax. A good manager recognizes that people need to have fun. Time off and relaxation gives life and work meaning. A good manager has a sense of humor and makes time to laugh with their employees. If you want to be a good manager, make time to laugh. It uplifts everyone on your team. Bring your team closer together by having pot-luck lunches or going out for lunch on occasion. A staff who can laugh together is relaxed and will work at their job without feeling stressed.

Make sure you always take a few moments to thank those who work for you. Nothing shows respect and trust as well as a manager who is grateful and humble.

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