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Learning to build a high performance team

portfolio71367089.jpgFor any business to become successful, you must build a team. High performance for any business to become successful boils down to how your employees perform as individuals and how they work as a team. Mangers have the responsibility of teaching their employees how to take their level of performance up a notch. Once you are able to help employees perform as individuals, it's much easier to help them learn how to perform as a team. If you would like to build a high performance team, here are some simple tips to follow:

Tip # 1 - Set Goals
One of the easiest ways to help employees learn how to become high performing individuals is to set goals that challenge them. As people overcome these goals, they are able to learn new skills and they will start to build confidence about themselves. When people have confidence in their own abilities, it is much easier for them to learn how to share their skills with others and therefore, they can work as a team. Setting goals for a team is another way to help people learn how to work together. They will start relying on one another in order to accomplish the goals you have set, making it easier to work as a team.

Tip # 2 - Leadership
An effective team is built through solid leadership. You need to have the ability to inspire others to believe in your leadership qualities. This type of skill will happen as you deal with problems and frustrations that often come with managing and leading a team. A true leader is a person that others can look up to. People will have the desire to follow you wherever you choose to lead them. Gain your employee's trust and respect through the way you listen to them, offer advice, and help them learn new skills.

Tip # 3 - Cross-project work
Meshing employees together is difficult at best. A great way to help individuals learn to perform as teams is to start encouraging cross-project work. A lot of people start forming their own relationships and bonds with people that they like in the office. While this is good, it can neglect some people from working together and you start to get cliques or tight sub-groups formed. Cross-project work should be used to help employees work with everyone. This way you are going to break up the cliques as employees will be forced to work one-on-one with employees that they may not always prefer. Small projects is a great way to get people to work together and to build bonds as a team, versus as cliques.

Tip # 4 - Team Meetings
You need to gather everyone together often to help them learn a little bit more about one another and to work as a team. A team meeting will allow each individual to express their ideas and it will help to align the team to work together. During team meetings, encourage employees to brainstorm, problem solve, and de-brief. Hold brief team meetings that allow everyone to stay focused and on the same page about where the direction of the team is headed.

Tip # 5 - Push them
Another way to build a high performance team is to push your employees to the next level. Adding a bit of competition to the team is a great way to push your employees. Be careful about how much competition you add because it can become dangerous and tear the team apart as people get concerned about individual performance versus team performance. Setting achievable goals for the team and for individuals will allow for the proper amount of competition you need to build to strengthen the team.

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