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Maximizing in office time

One of the greatest costs to a company is that of inefficient or non-productive employees. Paying employees for time that is not spent on work means paying for nothing. However, every business faces the problem of unmotivated, lazy, or inefficient employees. Employees frequently use work time to check email, chat, go on Facebook, socialize, eat, talk on the phone, etc. The following are some questions and ideas for maximizing the time employees spend in the office.

Are your employees working while at work? If you are answering no to this question you have two options, implement changes to better motivate employees, or fire existing employees and replace your staff. The later option takes time, money, and effort, so it is far easier to look for ways to get existing (already trained) employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

Are your employees optimizing the time they are getting paid for? In other words, are they filling each minute with useful and productive efforts? If not, ask yourself why not. What else is taking up their time? What is distracting them from the job they are getting paid to perform?

Once you answer these questions, it is time to cut down distractions. Distractions come in many forms, people, internet opportunities (chat, Facebook, email, YouTube, etc.), eating, etc. In order to cut down on the number of distractions each employee has, it is advisable to set some policies in place, and make sure employees are well informed. Let them know that they are welcome to use company computers for personal emails, etc. but must do so before or after their regular shifts, work times, etc. Provide them with breaks and lunch times so that snacking and eating while working becomes less of a problem. Consider blocking access to sites that are unrelated to your work, such as pop server email accounts, social media sites not used for business purposes, etc. Of course this won't stop every distraction, but reminding employees, and eliminating temptations can help significantly.

Add incentives for productivity. Because you will never be able to completely eliminate the things that keep employees from maximizing their in office time, it is important to give them incentive to keep them to a minimum. Offering productivity incentives can change the way your employees work for the better. When a salesmen knows that if they reach the goal for the week they earn a bonus, they are less tempted to waste time texting a friend, or chatting at the water cooler. Adding in a little competition can help as well, offering only one reward that each employee must compete for.

Of course, employees are human, and they are going to make personal calls, check personal sites, and waste some of their time at work, but if you can motivate them, and make it fun for them to work, they will be far more productive, and you will see results.

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