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Personal Branding Secrets for Women Who Want the Corner Office

Most women think that if they work hard that they'll be rewarded with the career of their dreams. Unfortunately that's not the way it works in the real world called business. Women must learn how to effectively tell the world what they bring to the table in terms of strengths and expertise. They must also be able to explain how their strengths add value to the department and for the organization...and, FINALLY they must be able to express where they want to go within the organization and industry.

Little girls are often taught to be seen and not heard.To experience success, women must be able to find the right balance of confidence that allows them to communicate and market themselves successfully without feeling as though they just belittled the world! That means erasing those old tapes that keep you from embracing your responsibility for your success.

Women have to learn to be bold in the way that they communicate in the business world.There is nothing wrong with taking credit for results that happen under your leadership.

Here are five of the most powerful steps to help women develop and market their personal brand.

1."Accept and embrace the idea of viewing yourself as a product.You "the product" must be marketed to achieve success." Every product has special features.When you think of Mercedes Benz, what comes to mind?Perhaps words like high quality, reliability, luxury and expensive.So when people say your name what comes to their mind?If you're interesting in climbing the corporate ladder what should come to their mind are words like leader, focused, results-oriented, dedicated, and knowledgeable as examples.Ask several people that you work with the following question:what words would you use to describe me?If you don't hear what you want to be known for, then its time to reconstruct your strategy!

2."Develop a list of strengths.Some people are really good at communications---others are good at people development.Identify the top three areas that you believe represent the best of you."If you haven't been practicing marketing yourself, you probably don't know what your strengths are.Stop now and think about things that come natural to you.It is said that when you find your purpose you will find your strengths and they will emerge.Are you in a professional position that aligns with your passion?If not, you haven't tapped into your greatest potential.

3."How have you used your strengths to add value to the team, the department and ultimately the organization? Perhaps you are an expert at new business development.How have you used that expert strength to advance the business?" Write it out.As a result of my contributions, specifically (fill in the blanks) my team's (fill in the blanks) and the organization has benefited in the following way (fill in the blanks).When people ask, what is your role with the organization, use this sentence!

4."After identifying your strengths, aligning your value, identify your unique point of difference. What can you do that no one else can do?Every product has a point of difference.Understanding your point of difference is critical to effectively communicate who you are, what you bring to the table and why anyone should care." What are your unique features?Perhaps you have a rare combination of manufacturing and retail experience.Whatever that is unique to you, work with it and use it to your advantage.

5."Develop a personal commercial that communicates your brand. The personal commercial should be BOLD.Now you get the opportunity to tell the world whatever you want.Once you've developed this statement you will have laid the foundation for your leadership platform and outlined the blueprint for success." Some refer to this as an "elevator speech".The essence of this step is this: what value are you selling. Products get purchased by consumers because they meet a need and add value.

It's true, practice does make perfect!So practice marketing yourself daily. Let me just add, when you market yourself in a true spirit of service to others you will not be viewed as arrogant or braggadocios.In fact, people will view you as confident, intelligent and strong.

Just remember, the best-kept secrets are just those...secrets!Go ahead, be your best agent and market yourself for success.

Author: Trudy Bourgeois

This article has been written based upon information extracted from Her Corner Office:A Guide to Help Women Find A Place and A Voice in Corporate America by Trudy Bourgeois and can be ordered on online at

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