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Public speaking skills managers need to have

oldermanpointing30841371.jpgA large responsibility you will have as a manager is learning how to give presentations and a handful of public speeches. Public speaking is one of the largest fears next to going to the dentist so you may have some initial reservations about giving presentations to a large group. However, once you get over your initial reservations and learn some simple skills, public speaking will be one of the easiest things. Follow these simple suggestions and public speaking will be fairly simple:

In order to become a successful public speaker, you need to plan out what you would like to say. Proper preparation is important as it will help your speech or presentation flow together easily and you will be at ease. Once you have down all the information you would like to share, practice it several times. You need to practically memorize what you would like to say and write down some "reminder" points on a note card. This is a great way to make your speech feel conversational rather than a lecture. The more you rehearse and know the material, the more confidence you will have in yourself and your ability to give a good speech. Keeping note cards will help you stay on topic and it will boost your confidence as you go through the speech and you remember the main points.

Public speaking really isn't that scary. If you prepare and rehearse your speech several times, you will be at ease when you come up to give your speech. Stay calm as you are giving your speech. Taking a few deep breaths before is a great way to quickly calm the nerves and to allow you to feel at ease.

Know your target audience
If you have been to a stand-up comedy routine, you have probably witnessed one of the most painful things, "bombing". The reason why some people can bomb when they get up to talk is because they aren't taking the time to learn who their target audience is. Knowing your audience is very important to your speech and a lot of people overlook it because they are focused more on the content of their speech versus who they are talking to. The content and presentation must be relevant to the audience you are addressing, especially if you want to be remembered as a good public speaker.

Be personable
As you are giving a speech, try to avoid becoming a robot. You want to look and be relaxed when you are standing in front of an audience. When you rehearse your speech, it will be much easier for you to be personable and your audience will be able to listen and relate to you easier. One way to be personable is to start out with a joke. Here is an easy ice breaker to begin a speech and to feel at ease, get a lifesaver and start out with this line "my public speaking professor taught me that a good speech should last as long as one lifesaver" then pop the lifesaver in your mouth and chew it and say "thank you for your time" and act like you are about to sit down. It's a simple trick to make you and your audience feel at ease and you will be able to calm down as you go through your speech.

Be clear
In order for you to become a good public speaker, you need to be clear and understandable. Don't look down and read off the paper the entire time. Look at your audience and enunciate your words. Find a good decibel so everyone can hear you and speak slowly and articulate your words.

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