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Rules of engaging customers

If you want to keep customers engaged and interested in your product or service, you have to follow the following rules:

Keep the message authentic- You have to be honest, and your message has to be true to who you are. If a customer finds out that you were dishonest, they are not only going to turn away from your product or service, but might actively campaign against it. Your most loyal advocates can become your biggest critics if you stray from your authenticity and honesty.

Message has to fit the market- You want to tailor the message to fit the market you are trying to reach. You want to make sure that you are not trying to hit a market that has no interest, or marketing in a way that misses the people who would be interested in their product. Get in the shoes of the consumer you want to market to, and ask yourself how you can best meet their needs, and what messages they are interested in. Where do they frequent? What can you do to improve their life?

Tell customers what you will do for them- If you are having problems, you ads should focus on fixing those problems, and assuring customers you will make things better, not pretending to offer a quality of product or service that does not exist. For example, if in the past your customer service was crappy, or your deliveries were late, or products were not the highest of quality, do not spout out nonsense about how you put the customers first and only provide the highest quality products. People will see it and instantly disbelieve it if they have had any experience with you in the past. Instead, use the marketing dollars you have to send a message of apology and change, encouraging past customers to give you a second chance.

Take cues from customers- You have to stay in tune with your customer beliefs and needs, as well as their feelings, and create products and services to meet those needs, as well as marketing accordingly. The fact is that people's needs change, and unless you are willing to take cues from the customers, you will find that you are no longer relevant.

Keep promises- Consider what you say in your marketing to be a promise, and keep your promises. If it is found out that you aren't you are going to be in big trouble with your consumer base. Even if the laws say an exaggeration is okay, if it isn't true don't say it.

Be realistic- It is great to have ideals, but not at the expense of your company, sometimes the cost to do business the ideal way (using only natural products, organic growers, environmentally friendly, etc), can be more expensive then it is worth. Thus, compromising and being honest about it is important. Customers will understand, but not if you try to hide things.

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