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Holding Employees Accountable

Hopefully, your organization pays its employees enough to keep them satisfied. Sometimes, incentives are not enough to make an employee perform to a certain standard. Sometimes, you need to know now holding your employees accountable can help make them more reputable in regards to their performance. This article will propose an incentive based system that has consequences for both outstanding and poor performers. It is very important to consider the performance of your employees. By the time an employee is fully integrated into a company, that employee costs the company an amount that is twice their salary. It is in everyone's interest if the employee is held accountable.

The first thing to consider is having a consequence system. Your employees should have some sort of feedback for how they are performing. Annual reviews are not enough. An employee must be reviewed on every task that they perform. This review can be anything from verbal feedback to written feedback. If the feedback is written, it should be documented on paper. Sometimes, a quick email with verbal feedback is enough. Other times, it is useful to have a file that keeps track of a numerical score that describes their work. Of course, feedback for an employee must result in some sort of consequence. Perhaps at the end of the year, the employee should receive a raise, promotion, or stock incentive if they perform in an outstanding manner. If an employee performs poorly, they should receive corrective action.

An incentive system is one of the best ways to make your employees accountable for their performance. There are also other ways to make your team accountable for their behavior and performance. Most employees perform in a satisfactory manner and are very productive in creating value for the company. Some employees are never productive for their company and therefore should eventually be transitioned out of the company. Sometimes, it is not worth it for the company to try and correct the employee's actions because the employee is not happy with the company. If this is the case, the employment situation is not a good fit for either parties.

It is time to talk about rewarding outstanding performers. These employees hold themselves accountable and it is an important sign that they might be able to perform adequately for the company in a managerial role. The most important thing that a company can do for these employees is to put them on the fast track towards management. Outstanding performers who hold themselves accountable prove every day that they will be able to function in a managerial role. Let them perform for the shareholders and give them a heightened stake in the company's success.

For those employees that are in the middle, give them tools to hold themselves accountable. You can't make a person perform better, but you can give them tools. Goal setting seminars are a great way to go about doing this. Have each employee write down a goal for themselves. This goal should be work-oriented. Have employees make sure that their goals are achievable, specific, and have a timeframe in which they are to be fulfilled. This will give an employee direction and structure in their time with the company.

These tips will give your employees a structure in which to motivate themselves. With the company, they will be able to move forward in a specific direction. Your company will reap the benefits when it develops a policy and incentive system that makes employees hold themselves accountable. Employees will also perform better when there is incentive for them to do so and there exists a clear and structured consequence system that ranks performance.

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