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Gaining Respect As A Manager

Gaining respect as a manager is not something that happens immediately. Gaining respect is a process that comes as your team members and supervisors get to know you, the work that you do, and the talents and gifts that you bring to the table. When you are a manager, you have to deal with the supervisors above you and the team members that you manage. This article will give you some tips for how to deal with both parties.

Let's start with impressing your managers. As a member of middle management, you report to controllers higher up in the company. They expect results. If they have just promoted you that means that they respect you. They know you can get the job done. When you are a new manager, show them that you are capable of their expectations. Prepare complete reports when they ask for updates. When you fail to meet a performance goal, tell them why. When you beat a goal, tell them how you plan to continue that trend. If there are tried and true traditions in the company, you should feel comfortable challenging them if they keep you from doing your job effectively.

Socialize with your supervisors. If they ask you to join them for lunch, take them up on their offer. If you get invited to a golf game, go play with them. This will help them have a better rapport with you. When the company is going through a transition, they will make sure that you have a chair left to sit on when the music stops. The most important thing that you can show your managers is that you love your job. Have a little bit of pep in your step as you walk into the office every day. Even on bad days, try to have a good attitude. This is the most important thing when it comes to reporting to your managers.

Dealing with the people who work under you is also an important matter to consider. Just because you are their manager does not mean that you should distance yourself from your team members. Go grab lunch with a few of them on a Friday. Make yourself available for questions and concerns. Have a team meeting every day to start the day and get everyone on the same page. Employees love it when they feel as if they have a say in their job. There are resistors on every team. If you have a hard time with resistant team members, try to find out what concerns them.

Even though you are trying to gain respect as a manager, you should still have deadlines and expectations. Stick to them. If an employee does not have a good reason for not adhering to a deadline or a standard, give them constructive criticism. This will make them realize that there is room to do better. Moreover, make sure that your team is happy with the direction that the company is moving. Update them on benefits, promotions, and other things that are incentive for them to do better.

The most important thing to do as a manager, if you want to succeed, is to make sure that you are a team player. Step up to the plate and take on some of the difficult tasks on your team. This will help you get respect from everyone on the team. If there are disputes, make sure that you help your team resolve them in the correct manner, including escalating it to the next level if necessary. If you can prove to your team and managers that you are a cool and levelheaded player, you will have no trouble gaining respect as a manager.

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