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Search Engine Optimization - How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

You've heard the advertising phrase, "I liked it so much that I bought the company?"

I did almost the same thing. Let me explain...

For several years I have been a minor guru in the Internet Marketing world, teaching people how to generate traffic and profits online. I spoke at some conferences, created some products, etc.

Over the years, I have purchased basically everything that was offered in the industry. And I found two common factors:

1. The knowledge most provided was weak, almost always dated, and sometimes totally incorrect.

2. Sometimes they taught a so-called system to trick the search engines into sending huge amounts of instant traffic. Unfortunately, those systems only work for a few months, after which the search engines kill it, and anyone who used them will be penalized for using them.

In other words, most of the programs sold to help you learn search engine optimization are pretty much worthless.

But then about 18 months ago I joined a different program.

And what I found was astounding.

It was a program that actually taught good solid information, including things that I could implement and start seeing immediate results.

Traffic immediately went up, so did profits.

After 3 months of this I went to the company and asked if I could join their faculty. Long story short, I am now a part of their team.

In essence, I liked it so much that I joined the company.

Remember, I was a paying member for 3 months, just like everyone else before I joined as faculty.

I joined the faculty because, very simply stated, this was the kind of company that I've wanted to create for years.

It was one that gave solid knowledge, powerful techniques, and did it with faculty members that make their living actually selling stuff online rather than teaching people how to sell stuff (huge difference there - would you rather learn real estate from someone who buys and sells 100 houses a year, or someone who did that once 5 years ago, and now makes their living selling courses on how to do real estate.)

In essence, this company creates millionaires.

It teaches people how to get higher in the search engine results, how to sell more to people who come to their sites, and how to run a truly profitable online business.

In other words, it changes lives, and businesses.

And I'm proud to be part of the organization.

It's called StomperNet, and I recommend that you strongly consider joining.

Here's the only problem, in the 18 months of this company's existence, you have only had the ability to buy their services for a grand total of something like 8 days. The rest of the time their program has been closed.

But for the next several days, that's changing. For just a few days, they'll be open for business, allowing you to get into a program that could make all the difference in your future sales and profits.

It opens today, at 3:00 ET. I don't know how long it will be open, so I recommend that you look at this sooner than later. I know it will only be open for a few days at most.

I am going to warn you about one thing. It's expensive. But let me ask you a question. How much would a first place ranking on Google for your major keyword be worth to you?A thousand a month? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand?

I can tell you, in the businesses that I've consulted with, that spot has always returned at least a hundred thousand dollars *every* month.

For example, when we moved one of my clients to a first place ranking on Google they immediately started pocketing a quarter of a million in incremental revenues...

Every single month!

When considered that way, this program is the ultimate bargain.

So it's up to you. Are you willing to invest in your future, or to try to do it the same way you always have?

And generate the same results you always have in the past.

As I said, I'm so convinced that this program is worthwhile that I joined the company. So it's not just my recommendation, it's my good name that's now on the line.

Here's the link, I recommend you check it out today!

Don Crowther

PS - They've got some *really* cool early mover bonuses in place too, so you may want to be there waiting at exactly 3:00 pm

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