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Smart ways to find success

businessmeeting30396676.jpgWith the invention of the internet and all the web sites that have come with it, business managers have a handful of different responsibilities. What may have worked for you 10 years ago probably won't work as well now. Customers expect instant service and they expect only the best, even if they pay very little. A manager must be able to keep up with the times and lead the way for their employees, even if their employees may have recently come out of college and know more about technology.

With so many businesses failing in this struggling economy, it is more important than ever to take steps to cement your business in the ground and work hard to find success. Keeping up with technology is just one step you can take that will help you stay ahead of the game and keep your business running smoothly. Education is essential for every manager, no matter what age they may be.

A manager must be able to put down the business idea and the day-to-day operating procedures in writing. Your employees need a little bit of predictability. They need to see some things that are repeatable as it helps them with the day-to-day responsibilities they have. These operating procedures not only allow your employees to get by, they also allow your customers to receive the same experience when they are dealing with the company. While some of your employees may have better people skills than others, customers should be able to approach any of your employees and receive the same attention to detail and respect that they would get from another employee.

Hand over responsibilities to your employees. When you hold the keys to all of the decision making and knowledge to the business, what will happen to it if you are suddenly put out of commission? Managers do need to possess all the knowledge, but they also need to make sure they give bits and pieces of it to their employees so that the business doesn't go under if you go away.

Becoming a smart manager also has a lot to deal with how you are able to handle your competitors. You know you will have some competitors to deal with, but you need to show your customers and your competitors that you can hold your own against them. Price competition is one thing but you must establish yourself in the industry to make your business a household name.

What type of value can your customers expect by choosing to work with your company? This is another big way to find success as you need to show people what makes your small business stand out from all the others out there. You must be able to give your customers a good reason to initially pick your product and then find a way to become loyal to it.

Success comes through your ability to treat your employees well. A manager not only has the responsibility of finding a good employee, they have the responsibility of keeping an good employee. How do you treat your employees? Do they want to work for you? What makes them loyal to your company and to you as a manager? Look for different ways you can recognize their hard work and try to reward their hard work. You also need to branch out a little bit and give them some extra responsibilities once and awhile. Handing them a different role within the company is a great way to show them that you trust and respect their work. Try to give out a Christmas bonus, even if it isn't very much your employees will appreciate the effort and they will respect your decision to try and make the holidays enjoyable for them and their family.

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