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Social Media Business use

Social media can be used to help with marketing campaigns all year long without having to spend a lot of time or money on it. When used properly, social media's business uses are many, and can really help you build your business, and do so with little use of resources. With the current economy, finding methods to grow your business without interrupting cash flow can be very useful.

  1. Respond to current events in a manner related to your industry. The goal of social media is to engage and interact with your consumers. You can do this more easily by starting a dialogue about current news and events as they pertain to your field. Offer your opinions, and invite consumers to share their thoughts and feelings as well.
  2. Introduce a new product or service to your consumers using social media channels, and then continue using those channels to inform customers about the new offering, share reviews, customer service, and more. You can use this in a mini marketing burst format to help customers feel supported, without making them feel inundated with self-promotion from you. If you provide value and support with your promotion, then it will be taken better.
  3. Invite customers to events, promotions, etc. You can use social media to announce events your company is holding, and invite your customers to come, to try your products or services, to an online event, and other things. It is a great platform for informing your consumers of local happenings that you are involved in, and asking them to participate.
  4. Share media. Social media can be an effective platform for sharing product videos, customer videos, reviews, testimonials, and other information from you, your employees, your consumers, etc. It is just important to remember to only share media that is engaging, and that your target consumers will find interesting and useful.
  5. Gratitude. Social media is a great place for businesses to show their gratitude to their customers. Let them know you appreciate them and their feedback, and that you are listening to what they think. It is a fun way to thank customers for loyalty, and way to really get to where they are to show them how much you appreciate what they do for you.
  6. Tips. Social media business uses are many, but one of the best is to provide your customers with something besides a promotion, such as tips for using your product, or related industry information. It is a great platform for giving back to your customers with information, insight, white papers, giveaways, etc. Linking to informational blog posts, and sending out simple tips can help keep consumers engaged, and help them feel like they are getting something from the connection with your business.

No business should ignore social media, but they should take the time to use it properly, providing their consumers with the information they want and need.

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