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Social recruiting

These days social media is being used for many aspects of business. It is used for PR, advertising, marketing, consumer relations, and more. One of the things it is really helping with in this economy is the job hunt. These days, the adage, "It is who you know" is truer than ever. If you do not have a connection, it can be very difficult to obtain a job in this market where jobs are limited and qualified candidates are aplenty. The term for using social media for finding jobs and employees is called social recruiting. Social recruiting should be used for anyone looking to find a job, or recruiters looking for job seekers.

Social recruiting is using social media connections for business networking. It is a proactive process that recruiters and job seekers alike can use to converse, engage, share, and refer one another. It is basically a web-based platform for connecting with business networks. There are a lot of ways to do this organically, but there are also some useful social media applications or tools to help your social recruiting attempts.

The following are some great applications for social recruiting:

This is a professional networking application for Facebook. It has a member base of more than 500,000 and provides you with a variety or work related connections. It has been shown to be a great social recruiting tool for both job seekers and recruiters.

This is an app that uses the Facebook platform to leverage connections and access further business connections. It is for professionals, and is a great way to make connections with an organic feel, but with help.

This is a great application for Twitter that takes advantage of the twitter platform of micro blogging and broadcasting to a specific or targeted constituent. It is engaging and helps you reach members. This tools has more than 10,000 channels, each of which is for a specific location and job category, making it a great tool for specific job searches. It has helped to turn the Twitter platform into an effective way for recruiters to reach job seekers, and job seekers to reach potential employers.

Monster is one of the social recruiting sites people are more familiar with. It is like a big job board, however, in addition to being a job board, Monster has a Twitter application, with several channels like those of TweetMyJOBS that help match up recruiters with job seekers.

If you are looking for a job, or looking to hire someone, then it is a good idea to leverage your social connections and look for ways to use social media to network with professionals, gain insight into the current market, job opportunities, etc. These four tools use the big social media sites Twitter and Facebook to help you make business connections to align yourself with the present job opportunities.

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