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Software solutions for performance measurements

manrelaxingatdesk30846571.jpg Many companies need to implement a structured process to track how the company is achieving its goals. Performance measurements track these goals, provide feedback and also give your company insight to management and leadership problems. When implemented appropriately, performance measures will provide managers and executives with tools to help evaluate organizational progress and motivate employees.

Here are some performance measurement software solutions to help your company:

DataDrill Performance Metrics
This software specializes in organizing and reporting all types of data pertinent to the lifeblood of a company. DataDrill allows you to control the organization and structure of all the information you need to store. Here are the main product features of DataDrill:

  • Structure and organize performance metrics so that managers have the right view of their organization to support decision-making and can take appropriate corrective action instantly.
  • With a standards-based information model that eliminates the ambiguity in presenting management information, you create an organizational set of metrics and use them for consistently aggregating, comparing and analyzing all aspects of your organization.
  • An easy to deploy architecture allows centralized maintenance of performance metrics as well as the ability to incorporate metrics into Dashboards and Scorecards and to subscribe metrics to other users throughout the organization.
  • Allows users to define, organize, display, print, and use metrics through an intuitive browser-based interface in a way that meets their unique needs.
  • Managers benefit from the defined measures that are provided to them, and can also create new reports based on information they require for their needs.

There are a number of web sites that will allow you to download performance measurement software for a free trial. If you choose to create your own business performance measurement program (BPM), you will need to prepare some information.

Creating a BPM program
When you have decided to implement a BPM program, you will need to evaluate some questions and determine how you would like to start your BPM program:

Goals - Start by determining the short and long term goals of the program. How do the goals relate to the future of the company and the mission of the company? Also ask yourself how the BPM program will improve the performance of the company.

The Baseline Queries - All the current gathering information needs to be addressed and evaluated. What data is currently being collected and how are the results being stored?

Cost and Risk Queries - All the financial consequences need to be evaluated and estimated before implementing the new BPM program. Will the program save your company money? How do your current cost and risk queries asses your financial information?

Customer Queries - Decide who will benefit from the BPM program. Will this directly impact your customers and stakeholders? How will the BPM program benefit your customers and stakeholders? Can you track customer satisfaction?

Metric Queries - Decide what metrics you want to use for each piece of information that is collected. If you are currently using metrics, decide which ones are useful.

Measurement Methodology-related queries - When you are measuring metrics, you need to determine the best methodology to obtain results. Decide how frequently you would like the data to be collected.

Results-related queries - Your BPM program should be monitored to confirm that all the objectives you have outlined are being attained. You may need to make some adjustments in order to achieve the desired results. Your new BPM program should be tested often for reliability and accuracy.

Business performance software will help you plan for the future, organize data, and utilize less of your resources. Use the value of your corporate data to increase your businesses agility and take control of your competitors.

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