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The importance of anti spam filters to increase employee productivity

Spam is unsolicited e-mail.Spam is sent commercially to mailing lists, individuals and other groups.It is also referred to as junk mail.Spam is just that too, junk.Spam wastes time space and productivity.That is why it is so important to have some sort of spam filters for your employees.

It is estimated that spam costs business $20 billion dollars in lost time, efficiently and expenses.Anyone can purchase millions of e-mail addressed for a few dollars.This results in billions and billions of unwanted e-mails that plague our business' productivity.The sheer volume of spam is staggering.Just attempts to contain and control it have cost US businesses millions of dollars.It is said that spam accounts for more than half of total e-mail messages received.Going through these e-mails one by one to sort out the advertisements from the genuine messages is painstaking.

The importance of spam filters grows exponentially ever year.In today's internet dependent business world you have to control spam or it can control you.

Spam filters are not difficult to find however they vary in effectiveness.What was acceptable protection a few years ago will probably do you little good today.Senders of spam are constantly trying to find ways to create messages that trick the filters designed to dispose of them.Complex computer software can run tests on all incoming messages to determine if the message is genuine or just part of some huge mailing list.Oddly enough it seems that as the filters get more complex, so do the tactics of the spammers.

Filters, however helpful, are still not perfect.You will still get un-solicited e-mails from time to time.The key with filters is to stay as current as possible.Every year spam filters are reviewed.Knowing what filters received the highest ratings can help steer you in the direction you may want to go to find a filter that will effectively reduce the bother of having to deal with unwanted e-mails.

The importance of anti spam filters in order to increase employee productivity has not gone un-noticed by software companies.Many have developed programs designed to eliminate the problems of spam.They even sound intimidating!These products include the "Spam Bully" "Spamfighter" and "Spam Assassin."The dislike of spam is prevalent in even the anti spam product names.

Perhaps one of the best ways to avoid spam is to closely guard your e-mail address.Not everyone needs to know your address.If you do find that you are giving away your address and seeing spam as a result of it.Consider creating a second working e-mail addresses that you can use when you think spam mail will result in the sharing of this e-mail address.For example, competitions often ask for e-mail addresses.Instead of giving them your work e-mail address or your personal address, have am address set aside for promotions or rarely used services.You will still be able to access these accounts to see if you have any responses of interest to you, but you will not be burdened to filter through your e-mail as much while you are at work.Thus, you can increase productivity by putting into place your own methods of controlling spam.

One inherent flaw of anti spam filters is that they are not perfect and as a result they will occasionally be responsible for categorizing legitimate messages as spam.Filtering companies are aware of this possibility and intentionally provide you with the means to go through all e-mail categorized as spam.But doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the filter.If you have to filter through your spam filter you are right back where you've started.

Obviously spam is an ever-present thorn in the side of management.You can only do the best you can to prevent too much of it.It is unlikely that employee productivity will ever be free from the worries of spam.At least you can take steps toward improving the situation.

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