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The legal aspect of starting a small business

There are some many things pulling at your attention when you are starting a small business.The legal aspect of small business is just one of the many things that you will have to think about.There are many great resources available to make sure you are complying with all of the many laws and regulations. has all of the state and federal guidelines that you will need to ensure you are doing business legally and ethically.Below is a list of very few of the legal aspects to consider when you start your new business.

Understand that these will all be subject to state and city regulations too.They may not all apply to your situation.
- Be sure you know what taxes you need to take care of.Remember federal and state, just like your personal taxes. Know what the right forms are and where you need to get them.
- Before you open up shop have all of the licenses and permits you need.Your state and city permits will vary.Be sure if you have alcohol that you get your liquor license.
- There are regulations regarding how and what you can market.Be sure that your advertisements are in compliance.Know what you can and cannot do over the telephone and internet as well.
- Many states require emergency evacuation plans posted.Be sure you know your state laws regarding emergencies.There are also federal aids in case of emergency, be sure that you can be eligible for those if you want to be prepared.
- Know the environmental compliances for your area.There are also compliances for certain industries too.If you are going to affect the air quality or anything like that you need to be complying with regulations.
- Understand your financial responsibilities.Read the financial disclosure regulations available on what your obligations are and how you need to go about fulfilling them.
- Have all of the employee rights understood before you start hiring.This includes, but is not limited too: hiring, wages, equal employment opportunities, and benefits.There are many things to follow with all of these, they are not somewhere you want to go wrong.
- Know your customers information security rights.Be sure that their info is safe, that is not only a compliance but a good way to keep customers.It is really easy to lose a customer if there is a lack of trust.
- Your workplace should be safe.There are workplace health and safety codes to know before your employees begin work.OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Act has very clear guidelines.
- There are lots regulations put forth by the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.Avoid a lawsuit by complying with regulations and being accessible to people with disabilities.
- Know if there is any special education required for you or your employees.Some business ventures require specific classes or degrees.
- If you are going to be doing any business overseas there are many more international forms and regulations.Know laws in all of the countries you have dealings.
- Get all of the copyrights and patents you need.Don't waste your time and money for someone else to profit on your ideas.
- One very important factor, is being sure you qualify as a small business.There are certain restrictions for what does and does not qualify.
- If your business is based out of your home, know if there are any city restrictions or even state restrictions.

Start your business the right way and feel good about your new venture.

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