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The ONE Thing YOU Should Focus On Right Now

Let me just start out by saying that I cant tell you what that "one thing" is. It is for you to choose, and for you to do.

There's a lot of talk out there among the 'experts' - about how to get rich, how to become successful, how to do this or how to do that. It's very easy to get distracted, and even easier to become overwhelmed. "Information Overload", they call it.

The truth is, there are A LOT of viable business ideas out there. There are MANY ways to become successful - or wealthy. There is TONS of potential in online marketing. And there's still PLENTY of room for you to step in and claim your fortune.

The question is: What are you going to do?

You could:

- write a book or an ebook
- promote affiliate programs via PPC
- sell products on eBay
- create and optimize content-rich sites in niche markets
- build an empire of mini-sites
- become a public speaker
- be a web designer, copywriter or VA

That list could go on and on... and on. What I see all too often is that many people try to do 'the whole list'. Or at least several at once. And that can be okay if your focus is one and the same in all things that you are doing. Or it can be disastrous. A recipe for failure.

Maybe you can relate to this scenario: You set out to do something, and it takes longer to earn the amount you had hoped for... and then you see another option. You try it out, it does pretty well, so you put some time and energy into it. Something happens - rules change, markets fluctuate, algorithms change - and you're moved two steps back. You're introduced with something new, more stable, and you focus on that instead.

This is a familiar story. If you haven't experienced it yourself - you've certainly heard about someone who has. And they'll tell you that the business idea they started out with originally was a failure, or that there was 'no m0ney in it' or 'too much competition'.

You've probably heard that you shouldn't have all of your eggs in one basket. That you should create 10 micro-niche websites that earn $1,000/month instead of one larger website that will earn you $10,000/month. In less than one hour of surfing the 'net, you might be told to do this, do that, promote x and build z. All of it sounds good. All of it could work. Try to do all of it at once and you're going to be in trouble.

The key is to have a FOCUS.

Choose one thing and do it WELL. For example, if you have a content-rich website, you can also offer an ebook on the same topic. You can capitalize on affiliate sales, or Adsense click-through's. You can build a highly targeted 0pt-in mailing list. You can incorporate an 'upsell' and backend sales into your shopping cart. You can set up your own affiliate program.

Basically, you want to build on the foundation you already have - and make it stronger, make it bigger... make it more profitable! Sure you can implement all of these new methods and strategies that you learn. But don't set out to do something completely NEW when you have already invested the time and energy into a project you haven't yet completed. Instead, focus on making it the BEST.

Once it is running smooth on its own, and completely automated, you may want to build another - or focus on something entirely different. But if you're trying to build on 10 things at once, or find yourself working in entirely too many directions... it's time to take stock, go back to the foundation, and decide how you can best finish building on that original idea of yours.

And that's it. That's the ONE thing that YOU should be focusing on right now.

Author: Lynn Terry

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