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Title: 10 things you can do to be a better manager

businessmeeting30392878.jpgThose who wish to succeed in business are always looking for ways to improve their management skills.The following list includes 10 things that can help you become a better manager-

1. Be manager who motivates.It is important to remember that most of the time human beings want to do things because of what we can get out of it. This principle is no different at work. Employees do good work for the pay or the prestige or the recognition.The savvy manager understands this and uses it to motivate their people to do good work.In order to motivate your employees to do better figure out what figure out what they want and how you can give that to them for doing what you want them to do.
2. Always select the best people-You should remember that you are only as good as the people on your team. You will want to give yourself a better chance to succeed by picking the best people from the start. Do not be coerced to choose candidates that are not the best people for your team.
3. Always work on building your team-Good managers understand that it is not enough that people are motivated to succeed at work. Employees have to work together as a team to accomplish the group's objective. Remember that the phrase "team building" is an ongoing process.
4. Do not be just a manager-be a leader-Even if you have the best team that is highly motivated for peak performance unless you provide direction it is all worthless.As the manager you must turn that motivation toward a goal and lead the team to it. It is the ability to lead others that truly sets a manager apart from their peers. You must remember that leaders are found at all levels of the organization, so be one.
5. Become an expert at managing money-In order to sty in business a company has to be able to make money. The bottom line means that more money must come in the door then is being spent.Depending on your function in the organization, you can have more influence on one area or the other, but you need to understand both. It is possible to help your company, your employees, and yourself be getting better at managing the company's money. You should not be put off by the numbers, or by the fact that "it's math".
6. Improve your communication skills-This may be the single most important skill of a manager. This is because you cannot be a leader if you can not communicate your vision. You also cannot motivate people if they can not understand what you want. Communication skills can be improved through practice.
7. Improve your time management skills-There is one thing that you will probably have less of at work than money-time. Good managers realize that the better you get at managing time, (yours and others), the more effective you will be as a manager.
8. Improve yourself-It is crucial to remember not to focus so hard on your people that you forget about yourself. You will want to identify the areas in which you are weak and improve them. Take the time to read books, stay informed and even attend classes that will help you improve your management skills.
9. Always practice ethical management-There is no deal worth selling your integrity for or losing your ethics.Always strive to be honest and upfront in your business dealings and your employees will take their cues from you.
10. Take a break-Good managers understand that they are less effective as a manager if you are over-stressed. You are less tolerant and you snap at people more. It is important to take a break and give yourself a chance to relax and recharge your batteries. Keep in mind that your increased productivity when you return will more than make up for the time you take off.

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