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Using adjustable keyboard trays to increase efficiency and reduce injury

The topic of this article is how you can use adjustable keyboard trays in your office environment in order to increase efficiency and reduce injury.Work place injuries are not just for those with heavy equipment jobs or jobs playing on professional sports team.There has been an increasing amount of injuries associated with more white collar jobs, where you spend the majority of your time in a cubicle, at a desk, working on a computer.This attachment to and dependency on computers had led to the development of eye problems that now are medically treatment, and an increase in injuries associated with repetitive movement, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.One of the best ways that you can avoid the chance of serious injury to your wrists, arms, hands, back, and neck, along with improving your efficiency and productivity, is to use an adjustable keyboard trays.

People have always been experimenting with the best way to design keyboards.And I'm not just talking about where to put the keys.You have flat keyboards, you have sloped keyboards, you have separated keyboards, there are all kinds of things, and everybody has a different opinion over which one is best.In the last few years, there has been an increase in the attention paid to keyboard design, mostly as a way to decrease the amount of injuries associated with keyboards.According to a study conducted by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (yes, there is actually an entire bureau devoted to labor statistics), the amount of office injuries due to movement repetition has increased to 16 times higher than the levels reported in 1978.

Using adjustable keyboard trays can actually help with a number of different physical problems that can lead to serious injury.The first thing that adjustable keyboard trays can help with is your postures.A high number of injuries come from improper posture, which is not just an etiquette issue.Improper posture can seriously damage your tendons, your nerves, your other tissues, and can force you to use your joints in ways that they're just not intended to move.Being able to adjust your keyboard tray so that you can keep your arms at essentially a 90 degree angle can reduce the amount of damage caused by improper posture and the resulting improper positioning and use of your wrists and your arms.

If you are able to adjust your keyboard tray, you not only can correct the improper angle of your wrists, but you can also increase your productivity and efficiency.Studies have shown that a simple, flat, basic keyboard actually is not the most efficient design for a keyboard.Being able to adjust your keyboard tray can give you easier access to your keys, and can enable you to type faster and more accurately.Furthermore, let's use a little common sense.If you are using a keyboard that actually dos not encourage you to use proper posture and proper wrist position, you are going to end up with some pretty serious fatigue and also some serious pain.You are going to have to stop often to take a break, relax your wrists, stretch your back, and take some Tylenol.If you can adjust your keyboard so that it is more comfortable for you to type, then not only will you be reducing the amount of pain that you feel and the amount of injuries that occur, but you will actually be enabling yourself to become even more efficient because you won't be slowed down by that aching or sharp pain that you feel in your wrists and your back.There are a number of different adjustable keyboard trays that are out there.I suggest that you go and try out a number of them so that you can decide which one is the most comfortable for you.If you are a supervisor or a manger and you are shopping for an entire office, remember that one of the advantages of a widely adjustable keyboard tray is that it can be configured to suit the preferences of a number of different people, making everybody happy.

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