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Using MySpace as a form of advertising

All companies are concerned with advertising. It is an important part in the business world, without advertisements people would not know about your products. As a conscientious business manager or owner you are always on the lookout for news places to advertise. With the popularity of the internet social networking sites, such as MySpace, have become extremely popular, which in turn provides companies with a new form of advertising. Majority of the users on MySpace range in age from 18-34. Which is the age group targeted by companies for advertising because they have the highest amount of disposable income, which in turn means they are the consumers that will most likely buy your products.

Before you do any advertising on MySpace you will want to read the members agreement carefully. There are certain rules that apply to all users regarding commercial advertising. While MySpace is free to all users, you must contact MySpace directly before you use it for advertising purposes. Another thing you want to be aware of is if you send unsolicited emails to members, your membership can be suspended or terminated. Also along the lines of unsolicited emails is sending an amount of unsolicited emails that exceeds the guidelines set forth by MySpace, if you go over the limit MySpace can charge you fifty dollars per email sent.

Option one:
One way to advertise on MySpace is banner ads or pay per click. These ads are how MySpace generates its revenue, but it is also a great way for you to advertise your company. MySpace chooses were to place your ad, and from there users can click on the banners and go directly to your website. Although you have to pay for these advertisements it is still worth the money because of the amount of members MySpace has.

Option two:
A second way to advertise on MySpace is to create an account. This option is free, unless you pay to have your page designed by another company. With all of the pre-made layouts and layout generators available on the internet you could most likely design your page by yourself, thus saving money. By creating an account you are putting your company logo out there for other people to see. When people add you as a friend your company's logo will appear on their friends list, which in turn might cause other people to add you. The higher the amount of people who add you as a friend or see your company logo, the better your advertising will be.

Option three:
A third option to use advertsing on MySpace is by word of mouth. In the old days word of mouth was spread by telephone, people were more likely to purchase a product that a friend or family member had told them about. The same holds true today but word of mouth is now not just limited to telephone friends. With MySpace you can post a comment on a friend's profile that says you loved this product or service because it got the job done or something else. By posting this comment on your friends profile it is now public, anybody who uses or visits MySpace can read the comment. They in turn might tell their friends, and the cycle just keeps on repeating.

Whether you pay to have your company advertised on MySpace through banner ads or you decide to create an account using MySpace for advertising has certain advantages. When advertising on MySpace you can literally reach hundreds of potential customers with not much work on your part. Just sign up and maintain your account.

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