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What you need to do to be able to learn from your mistakes


How have the successful people put themselves in such a position? How has the wise man accumulated such a wealth of wisdom? One answer that fits them both is that they probably knew how to learn from their mistakes. What is the benefit of learning from a mistake?

Learning from a mistake gives a person experience that will serve them well in the future. Having this experience can protect a person in the future and with that shared knowledge can help protect other people as well. Applying this to a business situation works as well. Some business owners just go with the flow and don't study or keep track of how their business has gone and thus, fall into similar traps over and over again.

In everyday life, learning from a mistake takes humility. A person needs to be able evaluate themselves by putting their ego aside and really looking that what they have done. Some of the best people in the world still look at themselves in this way and thus have far more refined than the people that are around them. Realizing that perfection is something that has to be constantly worked for and that satisfaction in a current position is completely detrimental to progression, then the work getting their will be done in the right spirit.

Apply the above to a business situation. Any business out there can be improved. There is no perfect business out there that someone can stumble onto. There are situations that are better then others and if you can help it, put yourself into the best situation possible. From that point, it takes a business mind to constantly learn and grow and experiment with knew ideas. Being able to learn from those mistakes that arise can lead to the right choices. That is the key, knowing the right choices. In a business situation, knowing which choices are the right ones will outdo all of the wrong ones made. For example, Edison in the process of an invention had to go through meticulous experimenting and decision making to get to an end result. Most of the choices made were mistakes, some bigger than others. But with each mistake, it leads him closer to the goal in mind. He made making mistakes part of the process of making the right choices. Taking this mind set and applying that to your business mind will change the way you go about doing things. Taking risks, changing procedures, exploring new areas of the market all will become a part of doing business and will greatly benefit you in the future as you gain knowledge that will stimulate your business.

In order to learn from a mistake, you need to be able to recognize them for what they are. Sometimes we do things and we don't even realize that they are a mistake. Even after the effects have passed, we missed out on the fact that we made a mistake. Training ourselves to know when we have made a mistake is the first step in knowing how to learn from it. In a business situation, knowing when and where a mistake was made is crucial to fixing the problem. This takes training and constant vigilance because missing out on the experience of learning from the actual mistake is a far greater loss then the money that was involved in the mistake.

There are so many sub steps that go into learning from a mistake that are not mentioned here. Make it your goal to be a person and a business leader that uses life as a school for learning and self betterment.

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