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Why you should always give constructive and supportive feedback on past performances


It is very important that you as a manager always give supportive and constructive feedback on past performances.If you want you company to run smoothly and the way that is should then you need to be able to communicate with your employees.You will need to tell them when they are doing something wrong and you need to tell them when they are doing a good job.If you are not open with your employees about their performance at work then both their job and yours won't get done correctly.Let's go over an example of supportive and constructive feedback on the job from a manager.

You are running a retail store and you have hired some new employees.One employee is a young man and this is his first job.This young man doesn't look like he is serious about life and is a bit of a clown.The next employ that you hire is a young woman who is very beautiful and out going and seems like she will get her job done.You hired the young man because you thought he deserves and chance and the young woman seemed to be just what you were looking for.Take a look at some supportive and constructive feedback that you can use to help your employees.

  1. The young girl seems to be getting along pretty well and her job seems to be getting done.A few days go by and you have asked her to do something that she should know how to do and she fails to perform her task.This baffles you because it seemed as though she was learning how to do her new job.Turns out the girl was using her beauty and charm to get the other boys at work to do her job for her.As her manager you will need to tell her that her actions are not honest and that if she wants to continue working at the store she will have to learn her job. Explain to her the store policies and help her to understand that it is not okay to let people do her job for her.This is an example of both constructive and supportive feedback.You are insuring her that she has your support and you will help her learn how to do her job correctly, and you are helping her search for ways to understand company policy.
  2. The boy that you hired is doing well with his new position in the company.He has quickly learned how to do several things well.He is even someone that long time employees come to for help.You have notices his accomplishment.With this situation you will need to tell your employee that you have noticed his performance and that you are proud of him, you could maybe even nominate him for employee of the month.Next you could talk to him about how he can move up to a management position; this will encourage him to continue to do well.This is also and example of both constructive and supportive feedback.

When you show your employees that you care about them then they will care more about you and their job performance.That is ways it is important to always give constructive and supportive feedback.You employees will work harder when they know they are appreciated.If you have employees that can't take feedback concerning their negative work performance, and quit, then at least you have weeded out some people that may hurt the company.So remember giving constructive and supportive feedback will help your employees be that best that they can be.

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