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Why you should award achievement


Achievement should always be awarded in all aspects of life.When you award someone for achieving greatness they strive harder to do even better.When you give a child money for getting good grades they will strive to get good grades all the time.When you tell your spouse that you love the new recipe that she tried, she will feel like she can try more things.An achievement is not always the big things it is the small things too, something as small as running your first mile non-stop should be awarded.In the work place you as a manager have the obligation to award achievement to employees who deserve it.Let's talk about why it is always good to award achievement.

Self esteem is something that everyone deals with, even the person that seems perfect to you has self esteem issues.Having low self esteem can hurt.Some people feel that they are not good enough.When you are a manager it is your responsibility to help your employees feel good about the job that they are doing.Compliment your employees on their performance at work.Tell your employees you can see that they have a good work ethic.If one of your employees is down and not feeling the best that they can help them realize that he/she is a huge part of the company and you really enjoy having him/her on your staff.This will make them feel like they are really making a difference and boost their self esteem.

Awarding achievement helps people strive for bigger and better things.Let's say that you have an employee that has been working for the company for quite a while now.She has been awarded employee of the month several times and is runner up for the next management position that opens.She has not been awarded directly by you but she has been awarded by the company.Because of her past success she has pushed herself to keep up her work performance and she will soon be in a management position, with a considerable pay raise.

When you award people that you employ they will work hard and continue to work hard because they will know they are getting something out of it.Make your work place a fun place to work, make your employees feel happy and at home.You should award good performances with work parties, gift certificates or maybe donuts and bagels in the morning.Those were just a few examples of fun things to do.The point is when you award a good work performance your employees will continue the good performance.

Those where just a few reasons why you should award achievement, there are many other reasons.Remember to be a good manager you have to recognize the accomplishments of your employees.You have to be up front and honest with your employees, let them know when they are doing good and let them know when they are doing bad.When you award achievements in the work place then your employees will work hard to get there job done, and when their job gets done your job gets done, and everyone is happy.Don't forget managers should be awarded for their achievements too, because you are the one who hold the whole team together.

When you work hard you want to be recognized, it is human, so do those who work for you. Be a better manager and award achievement.

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