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Safety glasses are more than just an OSHA requirement - they're a Good idea.


Wearing safety glasses is more than just an OSHA requirement, it is a good idea.OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration monitor safety in the workplace.They also provide the safety regulations that keep employees safe and you as the employer safe from liability issues.

The law says you must wear safety glasses if you work in conditions where an injury could occur.Remember, if you lose your vision, you could still lose your job.You only have two eyes.Additionally, even if you are able to save your eyes, eye injuries are very painful.

Eye injuries are caused by a variety of occurrences.Most people think of hitting their eye when they think of an eye injury.However, dust and other flying particles, such as metal shavings or sawdust can easily injure the eyes.Molten metal can splash as well as acids and other caustic liquid chemicals that could easily cause irreparable damage.Blood and other potentially infectious body fluids could splash, spray, or splatter getting into your eyes.And last, intense light created by welding and lasers can damage the retina of your eyes.

You may ask yourself exactly when safety glasses should be worn.
The answer is any activity could cause any other type of physical injury or the potential to put particles in the air that could reach your eyes.For instance, you need to wear safety glasses when you are chipping, grinding, sawing, drilling, sanding, welding, plating, handling chemicals, buffing, working in dusty conditions, brazing, casting, machining, riveting, or performing other similar tasks.

Also, you need to wear safety glasses when you are working around others that are performing these activities.Often the person working looks out for their safety, but fails to protect those around them.Protect yourself and wear safety glasses around others working.You can't be too careful when protecting your eyes.

The type of safety glasses you will need depend on the hazards you are trying to protect yourself from.Sunglasses will not protect you from dust particles the same way a pair of goggles will.Hence, you will need to identify the potential hazards in your work place and then acquire the safety glasses to meet your needs.

You may also want to provide safety glasses with prescription lenses for those people that need them.This will encourage these people to wear their safety glasses because they will need to wear their glasses anyway.Additionally, you don't want somebody replacing their prescription glasses in order to wear safety glasses.The above mentioned activities need good vision to be executed correctly to prevent injuries.

You may also choose to use protective goggles.Goggles will go over prescription glasses.This allows you to wear your regular glasses and still get the eye protection you need.Additionally, they provide dust and other splash protection that just impact safety glasses won't give you.

You will also want to inspect your glasses often.Daily inspections are highly recommended.You will want to detect wear and replace parts as needed.Scratched lenses need to be replaced immediately.When cutting glass, you scratch the surface and then tap the glass.If your lens is already scratched, then its integrity has been compromised and the lens will not protect you as well.

In summary, wearing safety glasses is not only the law, but it is a good idea.You will want to assess the hazards in your work place.Then identify which glasses will best protect you from those glasses.Acquire the glasses and then make sure you wear them whenever you are performing or near others performing activities that could cause injury.

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