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Six sigma and customer interaction

accountant37004113.jpgOne of the biggest benefits of lean six sigma with manufacturing is it teaches you how to improve response time with customers. Even if you are doing well currently, you could probably be doing better, and lean six sigma will help you find things that will improve your response time, and thus your profitability.

One of the biggest areas where customer interaction is a problem is when they order something, and then have to wait for a long period of time to receive it. Most people would be willing to pay more elsewhere if they can get it faster. So, do not think that just because you have the best prices, that you are going to get the customers, especially if you are lagging in response time. With six sigma, you learn how to identify the bottlenecks in your company, that are causing your delayed response, whether that is an issue with process or infrastructure.

The lean six sigma course will provide you with the knowledge you need to make any factory or manufacturing setting more lean, and in doing so, improve your business, with more profit and less waste, which means less expense. The goal of a lean six sigma program is to cut waste and redundancies from a business. In other words, finding ways to improve efficiency and productivity using the current company resources. This is sometimes an overwhelming prospect, but if you put in the time, you will learn how to add value to a business, and eliminate the things that cause waste and get in the way of your business being able to success. The lean six sigma process will help you learn about waste, and how to eliminate it in every aspect or process of your manufacturing business. This includes wasted time between customer order and fulfillment.

Using a six sigma strategy is not just about creating a strategy, but it is about learning how to implement it as well. When you go through lean six sigma training, you don't just learn how to improve, but how to maintain the improvements, and continue making improvements in all other areas of your organization. It is like a company overhaul that you learn how to do yourself, and find and fix any problems with process and infrastructure you might be facing.

Lean six sigma is going to mean less waste, thus less expense to create products. In addition, it is going to mean faster creation of products, which results in better customer interaction. Basically, the six sigma strategy will help improve all aspects of your business, which in turn translates into better customer service. If you can make it better, faster, and cheaper, why wouldn't a customer want to choose you over your competition? Thus, it is worth sending your staff to a lean six sigma training so that they can learn what it takes to become more efficient.

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