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Job Description for Six Sigma Black Belts

blackbelt9821513.JPGA Black Belt within the Six Sigma process method is done by someone, who is trained and willing to assume a leadership role. This person will have completed the training needed to gain extensive knowledge of the Six Sigma philosophies. A person who is certified with a Black Belt must be able to show team leadership and responsibilities, while working in a management or non management position. In addition, they will also have to be educated on lean management, and DMAIC, to qualify for the Black Belt role. By being certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt, it will allow the employee, to be responsible, for helping employees meet their potential and their goals. It will also allow them to oversee projects that are directly under the Six Sigma guidelines. It is important to understand that when an employee is a Black Belt, many times they will work in a management position, but often times they will be asked to use their skills on certain issues.

When you certify to become a Black Belt in Six Sigma you will be the lead example and will have to fulfill the duties of your role. Duties of a Six Sigma Black Belt can include but are not limited to:

  • Work with projects and project teams to better both the business and employees

  • Be in charge and run Six Sigma projects

  • Be supportive and train others who are working on achieving their Green Belts

  • Work directly with their team and the customer

  • Design process that will directly meet the needs of the customer

  • Be in the leadership role and provide effective support to other employees

  • Report directly to management to let them know how their teams are doing

One of the major roles of the Six Sigma Black Belt is when running a project; they are responsible for helping others to achieve the goal in site, and working one on one with the customer. The Black Belt must identify what the team can do to help the project; they are faced with and improve the situation, and get the work done in a timely and effective manner. Black Belts will also help the business re-evaluate how their management and lines are running. They may also be helping in the finance dept, marketing dept etc. It is crucial that employees who become a Black Belt learn how to interact with employees, and be compassionate.

When becoming a Black Belt, your role is to strive for achievement. Black Belts must face the challenge, and find where a change needs to be made. You must be patient with the process, and find what you can do to make the change happen. Being a Black Belt, means that you are responsible, for making change a positive process. The ultimate goal behind being a Black Belt Six Sigma is to strive for excellence with any challenge, and the employees that the Black Belt is mentoring.

Part of being a Black Belt also means encouraging the green belts and yellow belts as they move forward with projects. Part of the Black Belt role is to assign them projects, and then monitor their progression. You also have the role of directly mentoring the Green Belts in Six Sigma. The Black Belt will teach them how to work with other projects, and analyze and assess the situation. Once they know how to work with the project owners, they can help evaluate the situation and implement changes that need to be made. The Black Belt will be required to lead both by example, and by hands-on mentoring with employees in the Six Sigma process.

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