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Total Quality Management

mansmiling23262207.jpgIf you are tired of the way your manufacturing plant is currently running (errors, unhappy employees, etc.) there are a number of things you can do about it. One method that helps to reduce errors is to implement total quality management. What is total quality management (TQM) and how will it lead to a successful business? This article will help you learn about TQM and if it is the right option for your company.

Achieve Quality
The first thing you will concern yourself with as you are trying to implement TQM is quality. What do you define as a quality product or service and do your customers agree with this level of quality? Quality is vital to the success of your company and to the proper implementation of TQM. Implement a quality policy that will allow you to meet the needs of the customers and your companies needs as well. Satisfying every single customer may not be feasible but satisfying the majority of them is important to the success of your company.

Identify your Target Market
In order to make the right products that your customers will purchase, you need to know who your target market is. Use social media to your advantage to find out who is buying your products and what they are saying about you as this will help you to see what products you need to create. Get in touch with your target market with customer surveys and other things that help to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Better Raw Goods
You want to focus on making better products and one way to do this is by taking a look at your raw goods. Do you have quality raw goods that will help you to produce better products? Focus on your relationships with your vendors as they can help you create better products by selling the raw goods to you for a lower cost.Your raw goods also help you to figure out how you can place the orders in a timely manner when you have large sales that come in and you need to make more products in a hurry.

A big part of TQM comes down to control. Having control over your products and they way they start as raw goods and go through the production process until they reach the customers doors, you can change it. This control phase is also called form. During this phase you can set up supervisors and systems to track the progress of the orders and to ensure that the products are being produced properly. What factors are changing the form of the products and are the customers providing you with feedback about their unhappiness with your products or services?

When you are working on implementing TQM at your organization, you will need to look at your employees. They are the individuals that will properly carry out TQM and ensure that it will provide you with higher quality products or services.Quality products is one way to control your company to offer better services to your customers. Quality employees are much harder to find and you may need to seek out new staff members to bring in if you want to build a company that is centered around TQM.

Right Managers
The proper implementation of TQM will come down to your managers. The middle level managers in particular have a large role in the company and they will make sure all of the assignments that have been delegated are assigned appropriately and that they are being taken care of. Quality managers are vital to TQM so you need to be very careful when you choose the managers and make sure they know how to do things right from the start.

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