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The components of TQM

If you are a manufacturing business owner and are considering implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) then it is crucial to become knowledge about the different components. TQM is a process that can help to improve product quality. It uses a long-term approach at improving production and customer satisfaction while decreasing wastes. Here is a brief overview of the components of TQM-

- Ethics-As it applies to TQM it is important to know that there are two different kinds of ethics. These ethics are defined as company ethics and customer ethics. The standard for quality is set by the company and the standard for approval is set by the customer. TQM encourages the use of personal ethics in determining what is right and fair in the interaction between the company and the customer. This especially applies to practices such as price gouging. Price gouging is when a business will charge an extremely high price in hopes of increasing profit. TQM sets up standards to avoid practices such as this.
- Integrity-This is another cornerstone of TQM. This process urges all employees to be truthful about their performance on the job. It also helps to promote integrity within the company culture. If you are a manufacturing company that is using TQM you want to convey your integrity to your customers by charging an appropriate price for the product you produce however, you also want to produce the highest quality of product possible. When you are able to do this your customers will hold your product and your company to a higher standard.
- Trust-It is crucial to understand that without trust your business will not be able to implement TQM in a successful manner. The reason for this is that your market will be defined by the amount of trust you have with your customers. If you have correctly marketed you will have established a relationship with your customers that has been built on trust. It is important that everyone in your company make the relationship that you have with your customers their top priority. This is the only way that trust can be maintained.
- Training-Implementing TQM into your company means that training has to become a higher priority. When TQM is first being implemented one of the most noticeable problems within many companies is the lack of training. When your employees have not been properly trained this can lead to defective products, waste, and worst of all unhappy and dissatisfied customers. Keep in mind that when you focus on training you will not only solve these problems but you will inspire better employee loyalty as they take ownership and pride in their jobs.
- Teamwork-One of the main functions of TQM is the establishment of better communication between departments and the encouragement of teamwork. When this type of teamwork has been established it allows for problems to be solved faster and more accurately and it promotes better employee morale. TQM helps to smooth out many of the obstacles that can exist in the production process and leave the entire company working much more smoothly.
- Communication-This is an often overlooked by vital component of making any business work. The reality is that often many businesses end up closing their doors because of lack of communication. When TQM is implemented it helps everyone within the company have better communication and if they don't provides the initiative to fix any communication problems that can come up.
- Recognition-TQM helps you to recognize the contribution that has been made to your company by your employees. This is important because studies show that many good and long term employees change jobs simply because they feel unappreciated at their current job. When you are able to show your employees how much you appreciate them you not only increase employee morale but prevent the costs of having to recruit, hire, and train new employees on a regular basis.

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