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Fabrication versus manufacturing

Fabrication versus manufacturing, what is the difference and how does it affect us?How do these two types of creating products affect our world?

First it is a good idea to understand the difference between manufacturing and fabricating. Here is a good explanation of both.


This is the process of using several semi-conductors, devices, or circuits to create something. The use of raw materials is brought together to create something new. Manufacturing is considered a very large part of industry. Manufacturing is not only the process used for making objects; there is also processes that are considered manufacturing that are consumable. Food manufacturing like, tea, cheese, etc are also manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing goal:

The goal is to create large amounts of devices or circuits. These should be created at a low cost, for high profit. The turn around goal for manufactured products is fast.

Most of the research that is included with manufacturing is:

Manufacturing Methodology
Statistical process control
Factory simulations
Operations research
Process integration


This is the process or manufacture of parts, usually structural or electromechanical. This involves the design of a circuit or device. This can also include the creation of a machine that will be used in the total manufactured product.

Fabrication goal:

Getting one device or circuit to work is the overall success.

The best research for fabrication is:

When new devices, better technology, faster and more productive options become available fore manufacturing.

Therefore as a whole, fabrication is considered part of manufacturing. Fabrication is the steps that are involved in manufacturing.

If you were to take the example of a house being manufactured, then you would use these steps of fabrication to get the total house.

Two builders use wood, dry wall, nails and tools to build a wall. Then the two builders created three more of those walls. These walls are all put together and a roof is added. The walls were fabricated and the house is manufactured. This is only an example, as stated earlier; the process of manufacturing and fabricating has to do with circuits and devices.

Now that we have an idea of how fabrication and manufacturing fits together you know why it takes the fabrication of the motherboard and circuits to manufacture a computer. Or, it takes the fabrication of an engine, radiator and tires to complete the manufacture of the car.

There are many economists that suggest that manufacturing is one of the strongest wealth producing sectors that are available in our economy. This is likely to be true as there are many companies that fabricate parts, and manufacture goods that are used here in the United States and in other countries around the world.

However manufacturing and fabricating can come at a cost. This is why it is required that companies use safety measures with both their fabrication and manufacturing.

There are organizations, in addition to State and Federal agencies that set standards and regulations for the fabricating and manufacturing of products. These are created for the safety of the employees, the community and the world.

With both manufacturing and fabrication it is important to realize that they both play an important part of what we do in our life today, and what we do it with. There are many times that these words are used interchangeably, however they do have their differences.

Regardless of if there are stories that are fabricated about manufacturing the truth is that together they work to make the devices or products we need to do the work we do, have the fun we have and clean up the messes we make.

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