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How to choose a manufacturing quality control system

Quality control is a vital part of any good manufacturing business.Without a quality control system in place a manufacturing system has no chance of staying in control of the worth of their product in the eyes of the consumer.If the consumer of a product does not perceive value and a certain sense of reliability in that product they will not invest their money in your company.So, it may not be new news to you that you need a quality control system.In fact, you may have some sort of quality system already in place.But how are you to know how to choose a manufacturing quality control system that works best with your company and your product?

When it comes to choosing a manufacturing quality control system you must choose a system that is able to most adequately test the product that your manufacturing organization creates.For example, the quality control system of a steel manufacturing plant will be quite different than that of a manufacturing plant that specializes in smaller parts.

How to choose a manufacturing quality control system

As with any system that incorporates many aspects of a system, the quality control methods that you choose will usually have their beginnings in a committee of executives who carefully weight the pros and cons of different quality control systems in order to find the best match for the specific quality control needs of the company.This meeting process of how to choose a manufacturing quality control system looks at what type of testing is applicable to your product.Examples of questions that you can ask in order to find the right quality control system for your operation are listed below.

- Are stresses causing your product to fail prematurely or does the life of your product fall short of your expectations as a manufacturer? - If so, you could benefit from product testing.Product testing is a quality control procedure that aims to uncover any weaknesses in a product and make changes in order to change such problems.Increasing the effects of the elements on the product or adding physical stressors in a controlled environment can work to pinpoint problems. Sometimes something as simple as a rust resistant paint are enough to dramatically change the quality of a product.Other times the mechanics of the product will need to be completely re-worked or personnel will require new training in order to re-introduce a truly superb product.
- Are you using a method of measuring performance levels that doesn't accurately find the deviations in the quality of your product are drastic? - You may need to improve your methods of statistical control.Statistical control is a quality control system that aims to create a normal distribution when it comes to the quality of a product.The results of random samplings of products are plotted on a graph.If the deviations of the performances of the products are more than six standard deviations apart, the quality of the product is generally considered unacceptable and it is assumed that because problems exist in the sample they also exist for consumers.
- Are you in a situation where you cannot find a problem with the product itself or explanations for quality may be found somewhere other than your product? - If so, you may want to look into improving the company quality.Company quality refers to a focus on improving the quality of work performed by management and the people who are working on the production floor.Training of employees and regular efforts to enhance the working environment of your employees may be two areas where improvement is needed.

A tip for choosing a quality control system

There is no rule that states that a company must choose only one quality control system to incorporate in their business.Many companies use several if not all of the methods of quality assurance of which they are aware in order to make sure that as many aspects of quality assurance are addressed.If you find that one or two quality control systems that you have read about here or from other resources are not satisfying your needs, feel free to use the principles found in other methods.Business consultants are also useful in providing an outsider's opinion for what areas of your business could benefit from a different quality control system.

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