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How to earn a lean sensei certification

For those of you who are new to lean sensei certification you might be wondering what it is. And actually before you earn the certification or even find out how to earn the certification it is a good idea to learn what the program actually is. Basically lean sensei certification is a class that is offered where somebody is going to coach you on the basic principles and guidelines of lean six sigma. Which basically lean six sigma is a combination of both lean manufacturing and six sigma manufacturing. Basically what happens is tools from both manufacturing processes are used together to create lean six sigma. But in order to understand how lean manufacturing and six sigma work together to form lean six sigma you are going to need to understand what each of these manufacturing processes are.

For those of who are unfamiliar with the term Six Sigma let's take a minute to find out what it is. Six Sigma is a method or a set of techniques and in the business world it has become a movement that is focused on business process improvement. Six Sigma is a quality measurement and improvement program that is designed to focus on improving the capability of a company's business processes.

Lean manufacturing is an initiative that focuses on cost reduction and increases in turnover by constantly and methodically eliminating activities that do not add value to the manufacturing process. Basically what lean manufacturing does is help companies to achieve targeted productivity, as well as other things, by introducing tools and techniques that are easy to apply and maintain. What these tools and techniques are doing is reducing and eliminating waste, things that are not needed in the manufacturing process.

So now that you understand both types of manufacturing processes, lean and six sigma, you are ready to look for consultants in these fields. One of the best things about looking for consultants in these areas is that many times the consultants are trained in both types of programs, what this means is that you can find a consultant who understands both lean manufacturing and six sigma manufacturing. And since they understand both programs they can recommend a process that will work best for your company and then they can provide you with the training that you are going to need. Not to mention the facts that since most consultants are trained in both processes they also understand lean six sigma.

Difficulty rating: Moderate to difficult

Step one:
The first thing that you are going to need to do is to find a company that offers consulting services for lean manufacturing.

Step two:
After you have found a consulting service you are going to need to make sure that they offer lean sensei certifications.

Step three:
If you can't find any consulting services that offer lean sensei certifications then you are going to need to look elsewhere for somebody who can teach you about lean sensei.

Step four:
Your best bet is to go online and do a search for lean sensei certification. You will find numerous online courses available for lean sensei certification.

Step five:
Now that you have found either consulting services or an online course that offers lean sensei certification all you need to do is sign up for that class.

Step six:
After signing up for the class you are going to need to take an exam to actually earn your certificate.

Other tips/resources:
- A great website to visit to find out more about lean sensei is
- You can also find information about the lean sensei certification exam at
- You can find classes that are being offered for lean sensei certification at

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