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How to encourage recycling at your manufacturing plant

It seems as if there are far too many businesses that do not take advantage of recycling their materials.Studies have been done, and found that a lot of material is being dumped was waste, rather than re-used as a resource.So how do you encourage recycling at your manufacturing plant?Each day manufacturing companies throw out valuable trash.Materials that are commonly generated in the manufacturing industry such as paper, plastics, and metals can all be recycled and recovered. Here are some tips on how to encourage recycling at your manufacturing plant.

- The first thing you can do if it has not been done already, is to start recycling at your manufacturing plant I establish a was reduction and recycling program.Take a good look around the plant, and have employees to do the same.What is being thrown away?Can anything be salvaged and used somewhere else?Can anything be separated for recycling?Find the target materials and figure out where they can be used.Target materials that are materials that are specific to your company.For example, one type of manufacturing may have different recycling material than another.

- Recycling containers.After you have your program somewhat established you can begin placing bins around the work place in different areas so employees notice that there is a place to throw their recyclable material.Label the bins so that they do not get mistaken for garbage.Since there are different manufacturing plants that produce different materials, then your labels will be different.For example, "Recycled Meta Here", or "Recycled Plastic Here."You decide how you want to word it; the important thing is that there is a place to put the material.This is half the battle.If employees know about the recycling bins and they are placed in the same area or next to garbage cans, then employees are more likely to use them.
- Trainings.They sound boring, but this might be the best way to get the word out about your recycling program.Bring in recycling specialists if you have to, but make sure you let your employees and co-workers know what recycling does for the earth; how it affects them, their families, and the environment.When people can see the effects it has on them, or those close to them they are more likely to want to help with the problem.Show them where the waste goes and if possible what happens to it.The results of not recycling can be devastating on the environment.Bring pictures, slide shows, videos; whatever will help get the point across.
- Make it worthwhile and fun.Just because you work with adult employees does not mean that they don't like to have fun and be rewarded for good things.Don't you remember in Kindergarten when you did something good that your teacher rewarded you?Well, try the same thing with adults and they tend to enjoy what you are asking them to do.Encourage recycling at your manufacturing plant by offering incentives, rewards, or bonuses to those who recycle the most, or who remember to do it every month.This will get the ball really rolling and give your employees a reason to start recycling.After a while it may just become habit for them.

The best way to manage your waste is to not create any, so consider these things as you try to encourage recycling in your manufacturing plant
- Use non-hazardous materials instead of hazardous
- Don't mix more of something than you will need.You can always go back for more.
- Reuse parts of your old equipment before purchasing new parts.
- Encourage your employees to come up with creative ways to dispose of their own waste.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Opportunities f

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