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How to keep your plant environmentally friendly



With so much talk about environmental concerns such as global warming and pollution, it is difficult as a manufacturer to shed a more positive light on your operations.After all, manufacturing plants are attributed with about 25% of all the energy used in the United States annually.Naturally, in an ideal situation, money would not be a factor and environmentally friendly processes would be implemented in every company in the world.However this is not the case and some companies simply cannot spare the time and resources necessary to make their plant as environmentally friendly as is humanly possible.


There are many ways that you can make your plant more environmentally friendly one small step at a time.Even the elimination of a small amount of waste each day can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.Below are more suggestions for various ways that you can keep your plant environmentally friendly.Feel free to adapt any suggestions to meet the specific needs of your company rather than to discard suggestions completely because their application to your organization may not be apparent.

Suggested ways to keep your plant environmentally friendly


  • Find alternate energy- One of the most influential things that you can do to keep your plant environmentally friendly is to find alternate means for powering your plant.There are several realistic options that your company could look into.Sources of energy from solar panels and wind energy have a history of successful utilization around the country.You do not have to completely transition all of your power over to a more environmentally friendly source.Any small amount makes a difference.
  • - Recycle finished products- Waste from unsold or inferior finished products accounts for more waste than is necessary.Not only is such waste costly to a company because time and resources were spent on this unsold product, but environmental resources must not be used up in order to dispose of the unwanted product.By recycling these unused materials, you can not only save yourself some costs but you can prevent unnecessary waste from filling landfills.
  • - Look for recycled products- Help to encourage your suppliers to also be more environmentally friendly in their operations by looking into buying their recycled or natural products.Consider paying a little extra in some cases for these smarter products.Even at a higher price you may find that natural products are worth the expense to have a product that is naturally free form harmful chemicals.Additionally having a reputation for acting environmentally responsible may attract the business of environmentally conscious customers whose sales will more than make up the additional costs of earth friendly materials.
  • - Re-think your packaging- Not only is it a good idea to reduce your own waste but it is environmentally responsible to encourage your customers to do the same by only using recycled products in your packaging or cutting back on actual the packaging itself all together. After all, it is less expensive to buy recycled products and your customers aren't buying the product for its packaging anyway.

Other considerations

Turning your manufacturing plant into a more environmentally friendly business is not only a responsible thing to do but it can keep your "green" customers happy.Even small changes can make a difference especially in the long run.Although most manufacturing companies follow the guidelines that have been set by the government and environmental agencies, many environmentalists are insisting that these rules and regulations are insufficient.Clients perceive a more environmentally friendly product as safer because of the more natural processes by which it was made.As a manufacturing manger or business owner it is your responsibility to decide if employing these and other "green" manufacturing techniques is possible.

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