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Will You Use Cellular Flow Manufacturing?

What are you using to improve your manufacturing facility? You need to look for ways in which you can cut costs, reduce wastes, and other things to create a stronger organization overall. There are many different methods that you can use in order to improve your manufacturing plant. A lot of companies will use Six Sigma along with lean manufacturing in order to help assist improving the processes you have and reducing waste. These methods are beneficial and can easily help you to have happier customers as well since they are always getting higher quality products. Your employees will also be happier and likely will become loyal to the organization as they can have inputs on how to determine ways to reduce or eliminate waste. Using cellular flow manufacturing is a great way in which you can easily improve the company. Here are some of the things that cellular flow manufacturing will do for your company.

Using cellular flow manufacturing you will be able to create higher quality products for your customers without dealing with high amounts of waste. You will be able to design your products differently and you will also be able to change the way your equipment creates the products so you have fewer errors to deal with. People want to be able to have products that they are proud of and products that work! When you have a good system in place you have a smooth flow of the materials from your production line to the hands of the customers.

Take a look at the delay times that your organization has to worry about with the production line. Do you have products that take a long time to be produced and created? What is the hang-up? How long are your customers waiting around to get their products? You need to look at these issues as delay times are one of the biggest wastes out there. You will be able to see what these wastes are when you use cellular manufacturing.

As you use cellular flow manufacturing you will be able to use a balanced process that will be able to help you create better products for your customers. You will have a system that is well organized and one that doesn't need to deal with things like inventory. Instead orders come in and they are made to order instead of shipped out with products that have been created weeks or months ago. Keeping a lower inventory will reduce your costs and this is a great way to reduce a waste and a large burden on the company.

When you implement cellular flow manufacturing in the right way you will easily be able to see a huge improvement almost immediately. Many companies are able to see that you have a 15% increase in capacity of your orders and that you can develop new products at a higher rate as well. Employees are being used at their full capacity so you aren't dealing with employees that are sitting around waiting for things to happen so they can do their job.

Cellular flow will use a number of different tools that are designed for your company. Each company will have different tools and different needs. The thing that is common is the way that you design your shop floor. Most companies will use a "u shape" design to help them with the new flow. This way you will be able to see how the product starts as a raw good and will go about the manufacturing process until it is created and shipped out to the customers.

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