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What is business process re-engineering?

There are many engineering plants that rely on using a business process to assist them in being able to identify problems and to create solutions. When you have a business process you have several different things within the company that need to be organized and set into a system so you know what type of outcome you will have. For many companies this is the method that you use in order to say "we will manufacture this product" and we will have this type of quality standard for our customers.

You need to be able to set up your goals and then to understand what your customers needs are. You have to be able to learn about their needs and how you can be sure your company will be able to meet their needs. Not only do you want to meet these needs but you want to exceed them. When you are able to do this, it will be able to give you a stronger hold over the organization so you can stay in competition and then you will also be able to learn what type of product attributes customers want so you can create better products in the future.

With re-engineering you will have to meet certain government standards when you are creating a product for your customers. As you set your standards with those of the regulations and those of the customers, you can find out how you can identify issues with your products and to look for ways in which you can improve it. There are 4 performance measures that you must meet in order to properly implement re-engineering:
- Cost
- Quality
- Service
- Speed

When you use re-engineering you may find some wonderful outcomes but there are also some things that you do need to be worried about. Any program will have good and bad reviews. The bad reviews often center on things that cause you to cut jobs. When you improve your company's process, you can easily eliminate jobs. Saving money is always nice, but having to cut jobs is a negative thing. Laying off a lot of people can really hurt the credibility of your company. People will assume the company cares more about the bottom line than the people that aids in helping to create a quality product and provides jobs for hundreds of people.

In addition to having a large amount of layoffs you also need to worry about like the problem solving method. The government doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it, they just tell you that you need to meet specific standards. It is your job to find out how to make a way to solve problems using different methods. This may end up costing your company a lot of money as you end up dealing with problems related to IT. You will likely need to spend a great deal of money on new computers and other things, which can be pretty expensive and also you have to spend money on the training of using the new computers and things that allow the company to continue running effectively.

Improvement can be hard to achieve. When you use it you need to look for ways to improve the company in multiple ways, not just in a percentage. Look for ways to increase the efficiency of employees as well as the machinery of the organization. How can you help each department collaborate with others? When you look for ways to organize the company in the right way, you will be able to improve your products and you will easily learn about your organization properly to see how you can have a successful organization for many years.

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