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How to reduce environmental costs of manufacturing

The industry of manufacturing is faced with a lot of criticism regarding the negative environmental impacts of manufacturing plants in general.Environmental concerns are on the minds of all parties involved.Emissions of hazardous waste into the air and water as well as product waste are things that no one is happy to be a part of.From a business stand point, waste and the production therefore provides no use to the consumer and is therefore at a cost to the producer.It is in the manufacturer's best interest to reduce environmental costs regardless of political and personal persuasion.

A frequent solution to the problem of waste is to incorporate a lean manufacturing system into the current system of the manufacturing plant.The lean manufacturing system is centered on the reduction of waste.And costs to the environment certainly are waste.Production costs will be saved if there are fewer materials consumed and fewer materials emitted into the air and water.

Steps to reduce environmental costs of manufacturing

Below are some steps that manufacturing plants often take in order to reduce the environmental costs of manufacturing.As the waste of each manufacturing plant will differ, it is impossible to create a single step-by-step procedure of waste elimination that will work for the entire manufacturing industry.So, many manufacturing plants are working towards being more environmentally responsible in whatever manner that they are able.

1. Work with the EPA.The Environmental Protection Agency works hard to assist businesses in making progress towards creating as little waste as possible that has a negative effect on the environment.The EPA has a great deal of experience when it comes to environmental waste-minimizing techniques and opportunities that exist for business owners.
2. Start looking at environmental costs as more that overhead costs.Many mangers of manufacturer companies view environmental costs as a necessary evil in the production process.However, upon assigning environmental costs to a production line, it can be seen that there are many monetary advantages to be had if that "irresponsible" consumption and waste could be reduced.
3. Among those things that should be targeted for reduction include; energy costs, hazardous waste, fiberglass overspray, solid waste, and wastewater.As you begin your planning process, see which of these areas of waste is most significant in your plant and work to remedy that sector first.
4. Increasing staff awareness of the manufacturing plant's goals of reducing environmental costs can lead to new ideas for improvement.The efforts of individuals, when combined, can make a significant difference over time.
5. Lean manufacturing techniques are becoming more popularly adopted as environmentally responsible choices for manufacturing managers.Lean manufacturing is even praised by the EPA as a system that benefits both the company's bottom line and the interests of the public.

A closer look at environmental costs

It is clear that over the long run energy efficiency and the reduction of waste is in the best interest of every one.However, there are significant costs associated with the initial changes that will have to be made in order or this increased efficiency to happen.Although over the long run real money can be saved that will exceed the amount needed to be invested now, many companies to not have the flexible income to make a single dramatic investment to bring about dramatic changes.The issue of environmental costs is now less a pull for convincing manufacturers that being responsible to for the environment is the right thing to do.Environmental costs are really now an issue of how we can transition out manufacturing industry without incurring more costs that this sector of the economy is able to bring in.

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