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The DMAIC Method is part of Six Sigma

The DMAIC method is a part of the Six Sigma program for reducing mistakes that may lead to customer dissatisfaction in a company.It is used for modifying existing processes that may or may not have been a part of a company's changeover to the Six Sigma corporate culture.

The first step in DMAIC is to define the problem, the goals of the project and what the customer wants.Without knowing these things, there is no way to be able to improve on what is going on.In essence unless it can be defined, it cannot be changed.If a project has no goals, then there is no way of knowing if the process is accomplishing what it is supposed to.Without knowing what the customer wants, it is impossible to design a product that will be successful without the help of sheer luck.

Measuring key aspects of the process and collecting data from those measurements will allow the next step in the process to be done well.The saying goes "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it," and it may be true to a point, but in Six Sigma, it is the collection of data that drives the need for change.
Analyzing the data is the next step.The people who are doing the analyzing should look fir real cause and effect relationships and not just assumed ones.Once the relationships have been ferreted out, the company can find the causal relationship that is leading to defects during the production process.

Once the data is collected and analyzed, it is time to Improve the processes involved.These are best done with pilot process runs to make sure that the capability is still there in the new process design.It will also help to establish what the process is capable of producing.Six Sigma is not an infallible system, but through these checks and balances, it strives to make things easier on everyone involved while giving the customer what they expect every time.

Control is the last part of the process, but last is sort of a misnomer in that the control part of the process never ends.The process must be continuously monitored so that no mistakes creep into the product.Some controls can be visual aids to help people remember what they need to look at when putting parts together.

Using this method to help create a better process that eliminates mistakes is a great idea for companies looking to improve their repeat business patterns.Six Sigma is all about that type of business, and it has been successfully used by several large companies.Six Sigma doesn't just include the DMAIC method for old processes, but it also includes the DMADV method for implementing new processes and several types of quality control methods and tools to ensure a continuous run of mistake free product making.

Of course, Six Sigma isn't the only program out there vying for a company's time and energy in an attempt to improve the company's bottom line and production processes, but it has several good things going for it that include improving the company's long term viability.Customer loyalty is harder than ever to maintain, and shoddy products do not help.Creating high quality products with a minimum of defects can help any company get the edge on the competition.It is just that many companies are too focused on the next quarter to worry about five years from now.Yet, it is exactly those types of businesses that will not exist in the next couple of years.What type of company will yours be?

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