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The Foundation For Effective Lean Manufacturing

How can you improve the overall manufacturing plant? There are many different methods that you can use in order to boost the productivity levels and to reduce waste at your plant. One common option that people use is the 5S method. The 5S method is one of the most effective tools to use for any industry.When you turn to the 5S method it helps to set the right foundation for lean manufacturing, allowing you to identify the areas where you are wasting time and money. It also helps you to set the way for the future so you don't end up having the same mistakes in the future.

What is the 5S method?
It allows you to organize the company in a way that helps to prevent you from having clutter and many other issues arise. When you turn to the 5S method you will be able to improve the quality of your products in addition to boosting the productivity for the company. When things are properly organized your company will also see an increase in the employee morale as well. Overall, 5S is quite simply a housekeeping method. When the company is cleaned and organized, it hardly has delay issues as everything is in it's right place and people are able to perform their job duties easily.

Understanding the 5S meaning
In order to implement 5S as the foundation for effective lean manufacturing you need to know the meaning of the 5S method. Here is a quick description of the 5S method:
1. Sort
2. Set in Place
3. Shine
4. Standardize
5. Sustain

The 5S method was created with lean manufacturing as part of the Japanese methodology of organizing a company and reducing waste. The 5S meaning remains the same although it has been altered over the years from the original 5S method in Japanese.

How to implement 5S
When it comes to the implementation process of 5S, it is best to start one at a time instead of all at once. Conquering the little things and moving on from them will make things much easier for you to manage and to handle. It improves the company in a slow process versus a huge change. When you make a huge change, employees often become overwhelmed and are unable to cope with the extensive changes. This is why slow implementation is easier as it is just small adjustments for them to make.

Look over the step process of the 5S method in order to implement it properly and in a timely manner. It is a process that can take upwards of a year if you want to see effective results. Typically you will start by red tagging everything that you do not need. This helps you to get rid of the things you do not need and to clean up the company. The red tagging method may not take long to do but it is important to have employees and managers review everything before moving forward to know that you are making the right decisions.

Sustaining 5S
In order to have the program work effectively is by having regular audits. This will allow you to prevent people from falling back into old habits and to make sure that everyone is committed. It is important that you have an audit conducted at least once a year. This way you can keep everyone prepared to stay with the new lean manufacturing method. It also helps you to check on the assets for the company and to see the depreciation amount. It allows you to create a smooth flowing company that is productive and effective.

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