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How to reduce turn over at your manufacturing plant

Turnover is extremely costly in the manufacturing industry.Manufacturing is a process that requires the use of at least some equipment.Training on manufacturing processes and equipment is not easy or cheap.Once a person is trained, they become a valuable commodity and you don't want to let them go.Here are a few tips to help you retain the employees that you have and hire future employees that will stay with the company.

Develop a team for interviews-one of the best ways to ensure that you keep new employees is to hire new employees who will stick around.To do that, you might want to use a panel or team of current employees for the interview process.Select a team from your best workers and have them develop questions that they would like to ask an incoming employee.It is quite likely that the perspective of production workers and the perspective of human resources workers are a little different.By using a team to do the interviews, you will be able to take advantage of all the different perspectives and, hopefully, hire the right person for the job.

Institute a mentorship program-if turnover has traditionally been a problem in your manufacturing plant, you might want to consider using a mentorship model.Form a team of mentors from your current employee pool.You might offer cash incentives or other bonuses for participation as a mentor.The job of the mentor will be to take a new employee under his or her wing and show the new employee "the ropes".Mentors will not only be able to provide one-on-one training, they will also provide friendship to the new employee and they will be able to answer questions as they arise.Use of a mentor program is prevalent in graduate schools where new students are assigned to the mentorship of more experienced students.This model is just making its way into the business world but it is a good model and you should try it to reduce turnover in your plant.

Consider your supervisory team-if there is a department in your plant that has a higher turnover rate than other departments, you should consider the effectiveness of the supervisor over that department.Find out if you have a problem with the workload in that department or if you have a problem with the supervision in that department.A good supervisor can make a world of difference when it comes to turnover in your company.If you do have a problem with a supervisor, consider your options.Can the person learn to be a better supervisor?If you believe they can, you need to see that they get trained.If you believe they can't then they should not continue in a supervisory position.

Obey the golden rule-the golden rule is to "do unto others as you want them to do unto you".This means that if you enjoy being treated respectfully and having a pleasant, safe, work environment that you should provide the same opportunities for your employees.People tend to stay where they are happy.Do what you can to create a work environment that makes your employees happy.Questions you might want to ask yourself include, "do employees get adequate breaks during the day and is there a pleasant place to take said breaks?", "are employees empowered to handle problems as they arise?", "do employees have the resources necessary to do their jobs properly?" and "would I work in this plant?"If your answer is "yes" to each of these questions, you probably already have low turnover in your plant.If you can't answer "yes" to these questions, you might consider what you can do to change the situation for your employees and create a better environment that will foster longevity of employment.

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